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  1. Although it's probably both viable and worth it only for a small portion of skill levels, you would be able to wittle an enemy's health down with fire staff/torch then finish them off with a weapon to avoid burning the loot.
  2. The new mechanics are great... For PvP. It's like Klei specifically wanted to fix PvP and forgot it affects PvE and all game modes. Can't we just split the game modes and make everyone happy? Have "Survival" and then "Survival - Hardcore" (without a sanity boost from reviving ghosts too). It would split up the experts and the newbies somewhat but at least it gives everyone a choice.
  3. Why hasn't anyone linked to the several strategies that people have posted on this forum of various ways of killing the Dragonfly, both in teams and solo? Oh, probably the same reason as me, too lazy. Use the search function!
  4. I personally think of Koalefants as inefficient. Not that the time taken to find and kill a Koalefant plus the risk of getting hit, getting Ewecus etc. is a bad trade-off, but rather because it's too good. That is, 8 meat and one trunk plus all the other stuff I collect on my travels will make me more food than I need. Considering the time spent tracking the Koalefant + the risks involved I would rather explore in exactly the direction I want to and be able to collect stuff without worrying about the track disappearing. The easiest way to show this is the fact that the only characters I hunt a Koalefant with are Wes and Wolfgang. I played a server today where I was Wolfgang, and used the stuff from a Koalefant + other things I found to make enough meaty stews and meatballs so that I could be Mighty form while searching for a place to set up base, and it was just about right. Considering Wolfgang's hunger drain that means I would have had way too much food as anyone else.