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  1. Oh, I totally forgot to post this here!


    (just gonna copy/paste the video description down here)


    Smashup; a work-in-progress Don't Starve mod that changes the game's genre into a Super Smash Bros style fighting game! This teaser trailer shows a very unfinished version of the mod, so you can expect the final product to change a lot. (including more than two playable characters.) The song used in this trailer is a slightly edited version of Lone Digger by Caravan Palace.
    For those of you wondering how accurately this mod simulates the real Super Smash Bros, it's pretty close. The knockback formulas are identical to those in the game. It even includes many of the smaller features like Shield-stun, hitstun, shield push, teching, parrying, and others. 
    I've thrown out the old Don't Starve combat system and am replacing it with my own system of hitboxes and hurtboxes!
    And this trailer is supposed to mostly show off the visuals. Very little balancing went into this build, since I’ll be focusing on that after most of the programming is done. Wilson probably won’t keep the shoryuken or the crazy 80 damage combo. Or maybe he will, who knows.
    I re-drew and animated the characters to more closely resemble how they look in the official Don't Starve trailers and portraits. (that being said, I may completely redraw Woodie's face because it came out weird)
    Anyone interested in seeing announcements and updates on the mod's progress can follow the "#ssb mod prototype" tag on tumblr, where I'll also be talking about current progress and plans for the mod.
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    It looks to me like the images in spriter file has been moved around. The hair image sizes look a bit off and the pivot points look much different that the ones I'm using. 


    So your spriter preview isn't showing the correct version of what your character will look like in the actual game. You'll need to restore it to the way it was positioned before stuff was moved around.


    Just take a copy of the original esctemplate.scml and paste it into your exported folder and rename it nabaru.scml (delete the old one you have in there first.)


    Then it will take your images and place them in the proper order when you open it up and refresh it.


    It won't fix the sprites in-game, but it'll make spriter show the correct preview of what your character will look like in-game. You shouldn't need to redraw anything.


    (I'm still not sure what's going on with the hair edges but maybe this will fix something, I don't know)

  3. the hair is very high, if you look closely this It cut the hair really weird like pixels, when the character is set aside, normal hair and hat hair are uneven and cut it.

    it must looks like this, like in the spriter but no.

    hm. Did you change the size of the hair image or try to change the position of the hair in spriter by dragging it somewhere else?

    Because neither of those things will work. Trying to re-position an image in spriter doesn't actually change the hair's position in-game. All changes (like height or size adjustments) have to be done on the image itself.

  4. I edited it all in file and it shows up right on the unchanged spriter file. I also tried splitting the hair and moving it to the pigtails folder but everything is staying the same as before in game. Did I miss a step?


    You mean when you change something it's not actually changing the in-game appearance? hm. Has the autocompiler been acting funny since you changed it? like, when it's compiling, does it randomly spew out a jargon of text and close before you can read it? if so, it might be another texture error.


    if that does turn out to be the case, (it might not be), redoing the images that started causing the errors would likely fix it.

  5. Hi! =3


    Completely new to this stuff. Ive followed the tutorial and everything is working aside from head and hair placement. Ive tried adjusting the position in the .png file and in Spriter but it still won't line up properly in the game. Ive run the auto complier so I have no clue what Im doing wrong. Please heeelp~


    The spriter file unchanged.



    How it should look.



    And how it looks in game reguardless of the changes.



    were you trying to change the head positions in spriter by dragging the images to different spots? Because as far as I know, That doesn't actually change the in-game model. To change the position of something, you have to change it's position in the actual image file, because re-arranging the spriter model doesn't actually do anything

  6. As far as i know, there are only 2 intruments in DS, the panflute and the one man band. When I gave the violin the onemanband tag, it just crashed. When I have it both the panflute tag ("flute") and the onemanband tag ("band") it does nothing to the animation.

    Haven't looked at SQWilson yet will do so soon.

    EDIT: looked at SGwilson (what a great acievement) and couldn't make that much sense of it (im not That great @ coding ;p). The onlty thing i could find about speech was: 

    local function DoTalkSound(inst)    if inst.talksoundoverride ~= nil then        inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound(inst.talksoundoverride, "talk")        return true    elseif not inst:HasTag("mime") then        inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound((inst.talker_path_override or "dontstarve/characters/")..(inst.soundsname or inst.prefab).."/talk_LP", "talk")        return true    endend

    So yeah, hope you can make some sense of that. (not to be discouraging or anything :razz:)

    EDIT: discovered that the beefalo horn is an instrument as well. That does work with the violin however!


    Hm, I really have no idea. Maybe take a look at the talker component? did you try googling it?

    Does anyone else have any ideas? 

  7. Hm.. replacing musician with inst just crashes the game when the violin stops playing, even when you replace the musician on the line that plays the sound. I tried uing the deerclops toaunt howl sound and yeah, that worked. (i think it worked because it is not a looping sound, all the characters voices are loopped right?)


    Also, does your item/character show the start of the panflute animation when you play it/him/her/? When the violin is played, it plays the first second or so of the panflute animation. Then when the pan flute touhes the characters lips, the violin animation starts. Does this happen with you? Just wondering.

    Hm, it shouldn't crash. You might not have replaced them all correctly?

    There is probably a way to stop the sound. Take a look in the game's stategraph files and look for SGwilson.lua and look for the state where he starts talking, there has to be something in there that tells it to stop playing that you can apply to your code.

    Well mine is no longer an instrument, but yes, it still plays an animation beforehand and I have not been able to get rid of it.

    Perhaps you could at least change the animation to a different instruments by changing the "flute" tag to something else? I don't know what other instruments there are though

  8. Here is the function:

    local function HearViolin(inst, musician, instrument)    if inst.components.sleeper then        inst.components.sleeper:AddSleepiness(5, 20)    end    musician.AnimState:SetBank("violin_anim")    musician.AnimState:SetBuild("violin_anim")    musician:SetStateGraph("SGviolin_anim")	musician.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/characters/wallace/talk_LP")	--now for some time things	musician:DoTaskInTime(2, function(musician) musician.SoundEmitter:KillAllSounds() end)    musician:DoTaskInTime(2, function(musician) musician.AnimState:SetBank("wilson") end)      musician:DoTaskInTime(2, function(musician) musician.AnimState:SetBuild("wilfred") end)    musician:DoTaskInTime(2, function(musician) musician:SetStateGraph("SGwilson") end) end

    And the mod is not for DST, just DS.


    hmmm, I feel like that should work... That's like how mine was set up, but mine works fine.

    uh...Maybe try replacing the "musician"s with "inst" for the sound?... (leave the animation code as it is though)


    maybe inst.SoundEmitter:KillAllSound will stop the panflute noise.


    Also, maybe the sound you're using is a looping sound? idk. at some point, try replacing his voice sound with this "dontstarve/creatures/deerclops/taunt_howl" which i know for sure doesn't loop (its a bit quiet though) and tell me if that sound loops or not.



    anyone else got an input on this?

  9. No, Wendy is voiced by an alto flute. Woodie is voiced by a cello, which is sorta close to a violin but not really. The unimplemented character wallace would use a violin, but he isn't actually implemented.

    About wallace, I found a .fsb file in the games files called 'wallace'. how could i use this in my mod? (it was in dont starve> data> sound)

    EDIT: So do you know how to rid of the panflute animation at the start? could i make my own custom one for moving the violin on his shoulder or not?

    EDIT2: Well ive got the sound working its just that it plays the panflute sound aswell. (I used wallace's voice for the sound) And the wallace sound never stops, even though the kill all sounds thing is there. (the panflute sound still stops)

    (sorry, been away for a while)


    Hm, I've never had any of my sounds loop before. Can you show me how you're calling the sounds? Can you paste the code of the function that activates when you play the violin?


    also, I have not touched anything DST before, so I wouldn't know.

  10. WOOT! It's working, but its a bit messed up. Ill see if I can get a gif going of the animation.attachicon.gifdont_starve_violin_animation.gif

    It's a bit hard to tell from the gif, but, it shows the first half of the panflute animation, all eqipped items disappear, (including the violin lol), and wilfreds body jumps around a bit. If you can't help it doesn'nt matter that much, just the panflute bit at the start i'd like to see that removed.

    EDIT: and allso, is there a way to make it sound like a violin, not a panflute?


    Oh dam, I have no idea why this never occurred to me, but yea, I guess all the clothing items would disappear because he doesn't wear any in the animation. I guess I never noticed in my animations because my character takes a different form in the animation. Well, I got nothing.



    But I think the weird sudden movements is from the pivot points on the body parts being in very different places in different frames in spriter. you should be able to fix those easy in spriter. 


    to remove the custom sound, I think you can put "inst.SoundEmitter:KillAllSounds()" into your HearViolin function, just replace inst with instrument. or musician if that doesn't work. or try adding it into a DoTaskInTime() thing if neither of those work.

    But Adding custom sound gets REAL complicated, you're on your own for that one d: but if you want to try, this should get you started http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/27803-tutorial-adding-custom-sound-to-your-custom-character/

    OH WAIT couldn't you use someones voicelines? Doesnt Wendy have a violin voice? Haha, that would probably work!


    you could put musician.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/creatures/deerclops/taunt_howl")  

    (well, that would play the deerclops roar. you'd have to find the name of the voice sound clip theres a huge list of all the sound clips in the game somewhere in the games files, but i forgot where)

  11. Which HearViolin function?

    This one:


    ohh, so you changed the name of that other function. When there's two functions with the same name, it only calls the one closest to the bottom of the screen.

    I meant you combine them like this;

    local function HearViolin(inst, musician, instrument)	if inst.components.sleeper then	    inst.components.sleeper:AddSleepiness(5, 20)	end	musician.AnimState:SetBank("violin_anim")    musician.AnimState:SetBuild("violin_anim")    musician:SetStateGraph("SGviolin_anim")    --THIS WILL CHANGE HIM BACK AFTER THE 2 SECONDS OF THE ANIMATION    musician:DoTaskInTime(2, function(musician) musician.AnimState:SetBank("wilson") end)      musician:DoTaskInTime(2, function(musician) musician.AnimState:SetBuild("wilfred") end)    musician:DoTaskInTime(2, function(musician) musician:SetStateGraph("SGwilson") end) end

    It was probably crashing because you didn't change inst to musician, so it was trying to make the affected creatures play wilfred's animation

  12. Well the animation works, but it just doesn't play when the violin is, uh, played.

    Can you help? Big thanks.

    And that bug is so annoying, I agree. 


    Oh, right. that's becasue this:


    ^is still set to call the "HearViolin" function when it's played. And all your animation stuff happens in the "onheard" function that you made. You could just change it to   SetOnHeardFn(onheard)   but then all the stuff in the "HearViolin" function wouldn't happen and nothing would fall asleep.

    So you can take all the code in your onheard function and just paste it into the HearViolin function. (just replace all the "inst" with "musician", because musician is what refers to the player in that function.)

  13. Yes, it spawns in the animation. But only the upper arms, the vilin adnd the bow are showing. And yeah, the workshop version is old but i will update it soon.

    EDIT: Updated the workshop version. Hope it doesn't crash :p

    Well yes its going to show only the arms and the violin because you replaced the other body parts with empty images, didn't you? That's what I saw in the folder. Replacing them with empty images was just to make sure that the problem was with the compiler, you still need put them all back in and single out which part you need to redraw to fix it. But does it at least play that half arm and violin animation when you play it?

  14. alright here it is.attachicon.gifWilfred the Musician.zip hope it works 

    if it doesnt work then get it off the workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=486052508


    Sorry for the long wait, but It seems I can't get your mod working for me, it just crashes when I try to enable it, I'm not sure why. (still havent tried the workshop version but I will later)

    But looking through the files, everything appears to be exactly as it should be. the animation files are compiling correctly and everything is there.


    Hm. Tell me; do you get anything if you type   c_spawn("violin_anim", 1) in console?

  15. Well i tried what uou suggested, and the autocompiler compiled the animation and made a new zip in /anim. But, the animation does not show up in game *groans*. Do you think this is just because I haven't replaced all the images in the animation folder (so they are all currently invisible). Or is there some other issue?


    Alright, at least that solves one problem.

    Do you think you could send me another copy of your mod folder? Hopefully it won't crash when I try to play it this time d:

  16. It isn't working.  I still don't spawn with mushrooms.  Here is what I put in the code:


    local start_inv = {













    Thanks for responding btw.


    Ah, I had this problem too! A lot of tutorials don't really mention this, but to give your character starting items, at the bottom of their .lua file you need to add "start_inv" to the return list like this

    return MakePlayerCharacter("your characters name", prefabs, assets, fn, start_inv)

  17. Would you be able to point me in the direction of some sort of weapon/wearable guide as a next step after this? I'm trying my hand at actually making something mod/code related and I'd loove to have some sort of resource, something besides the salvaged pieces of various mods I've downloaded to bash my head against in hopes of Frankensteining my mod into a somewhat passable something.


    "Frankensteining my mod into a somewhat passable something."

    Welcome to don't starve modding


    That's basically all we got. There really aren't many more tutorials out there. Or if there are, I haven't found any.


    I learned most of what I know from studying the game's code itself, It's very useful to find some existing game item, copy it's code into your mod, and edit it from there. 

    Though this site can be kinda helpful too 


    ^watch out for the popups though

  18. My item name isn't showing up. When I pick up my item it says MISSING NAME. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance :grin:


    Oh yea, they kinda skip over that in this tutorial, don't they?

    Put this in your items lua file. (just on its own, not part of the fn function thing)

    STRINGS.NAMES.YOUR_PREFAB_NAME_IN_ALL_CAPS = "Your objects name"STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.YOUR_PREFAB_NAME_IN_ALL_CAPS = "The description of your object when examined by a character."