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  1. MoonBase Bug

    When I want to turn the Star Caller's Staff into the Moon Caller's Staff on Moon Stone, the game crashed upon finishing.
  2. Thanks you. The servers come back to normal now. But I don't know why because I did not do anything. It just become able to connect to klei itself.
  3. I held three different dedicated servers in three different VPS. All of them had broadcast errors. It occurred about a few hours ago and players' surviving days turn to 1 day but server day did not change. Any help please.
  4. When you gave the merm guards fish to let them attack the merm king, the game crashed everytime after the merm king got killed by the merm guards.
  5. When I used a xbox controller and hacked a tall grass with a machete, the cut grass fell next to the tall grass but I can pick it up. I had to go around and then went back to pick it up.
  6. Hello DarkXero,

        Long time no see. Here I need your generous help again.

        Since the cave edition of DST was officially published, the mod of World Regrowth didn't work for this edition to make the cave resouces respawnable. I have tried and tried with no result. Would you please help me? Much appreciate!

    Sincerely Yours,


    World Regrowth.zip