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  1. SW version has another MOD, you can find in the steam
  2. Because this MOD needs to replace every Lua DLC file, so DST, SW, ROG can only support one
  3. Version 1.0.0


    You must be familiar with the MOD That's right. This is the ROG version of the mini furniture you want. In this version of the MOD what is the use? 1: you can take your furniture around the map 2: when the four seasons BOSS comes, do not have to worry about the destruction of the house 3: of course, you can do whatever you want. SW version:
  4. Version 1.1


    This MOD will let you do some props and materials. You can also use DST and ROG (in addition to SW proprietary things) You can make them in SW & ROG & DST obsidian Ingredient: torch,1 and rocks, 6 → ONE volcanostaff Ingredient: nightmarefuel,2 and spear, 1 and obsidian , 1 pinecone Ingredient: jungletreeseed,1 and twigs,2 blubber Ingredient: spidergland, 2 and fish,1 dubloon Ingredient: goldnugget ,1 → THERR grass Ingredient: cutgrass,3 and poop,1 sapling Ingredient: twigs,3 and poop,1 berrybush Ingredient: berries, 3 and poop,1 ightbulb Ingredient: cutgrass, 3 and twigs,3 → THERR marble Ingredient: rocks,3 and fint,1 and hammer,1 → THERR gears Ingredient: rocks,4 and flint,2 snakeoil Ingredient: snakeskin,3 and spidergland,3 armormarble Ingredient: marble,12 and rope,4 (Because you can make marble.) KrampusSack Ingredient: gears, 2 and papyrus,2 and rope,2 checkerfloor Ingredient: marble, 1 carpetfloor Ingredient: boards, 1 and silk,1 If there is something new to add, please reply below. I will immediately add ALSO ON STEAM :
  5. Version 1.21


    What are the advantages of this MOD? 1: at any time to settle, there is no need to choose the location 2: easy to carry, furniture all packaged, to experience the joy ride 3: for obsessive-compulsive disorder players 4: the rainy season, you know 5: volcanic eruptions, you know Make you better in the travel ————————SW ↓ Let me do a demonstration.↑ Please look at my presentation:①:Look at the picture above. ②Q:What can the MOD do? A:You can carry the things that you can't handle when you need it, and then put it in your pocket and take it out when you need it. Q:What is currently supported in this MOD? A:Look at the pictures above Of course, I will add more things in the future, if you like. When the volcano erupted, take your furniture! If you don't use it, let me tell you::: 1:You will find that there is a "on turn", and then you press the right button.You can pick it up at this point. And then to your item. 2:If you want to put it down,First on the ground,Then you will find "off turn", and then you are in the right.That's just fine, and if you want to put it in your pocket, repeat the action. ALSO ON STEAM: love
  6. Version 1.01


    This MOD can support: boatlantern bottlelantern hat mininglantern You don't need to add the firefly. Just add Grass, this type of combustible material I'm sure you'll like this MOD Also on steam :
  7. Version 1.0


    You can make VOLCANOSTAFF AND OBSIDIAN ! obsidian: Ingredient torch and rocks 4 volcanostaff:: Ingredient nightmarefue spear 1 obsidian1
  8. If you like or have better suggestions, please reply in the comments below