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  1. when the lightning burns your supply of jelly
  2. Recently made drawings. (sorry, but I can’t do the translation, just know that this is the answer to the question in the VK group. The question was: “what happens if you cross your double with spider gland?”)
  3. this sketch of Woodie was inspired by one character from the walking dead
  4. my friend died of a new fandom(and headache of coarse), so she won’t resume activity soon)
  5. Our Halloween in crossover style is over, but our subscribers weren't too much active to complete the quest. Special for this forum - the continuation of the quest.
  6. I hope your eyes do not leak out by the contrast
  7. one of the characters belongs to her (the one with the hat), the other to me. And yes, she really mains Wickerbottom
  8. The first two were made on the birthday of my close friend, the third is inspired by the situation on the stream.
  9. Wickerbottom came back from hell! Inspired by Russian song lyrics
  10. Shuasu inspired me for this art with Glermzz. We were too sick of this idea, this was too much awesome idea.
  11. damn it, Shuasu Neyan! Why Did you make me do this!?")
  12. I just had some fun") Maybe I will finish it someday")
  13. I don't love this day, but I was really excited by the idea of this. At first, it should be one picture with Max and Warbucks, but we decided to make another idea, so... here you are ")