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  1. Obviously its not about how league ripped off LoL. Go back and read where it all started. We got to discussing the cancerous nature of LoL because either you or some other guy asked why I was being evil to the guy who made a LoL joke
  2. One step closer to ridding this world of league of legumes!
  3. You could host a special 'after-hours' comedy show that only plays in the darkest in the shittiest venues in the darkest part of the night. *darkest and shittiest
  4. It's a hyped up game which survives off hype and a funny sense of 'being part of something big' propogated by their hype machine. The only thing I was talking about was how they release so many skins (for lots of cash) that usually have some kind of internet reference or silly theme attached. It's fine for a casual free to play like that, but this is Don't Starve, and having a soulless automaton rolling around in christmas bells and tinsel takes you way out of the Don't Starve world and puts you just a little bit more back into the real world (which is what we're obviously escaping when trying to immerse ourselves in games )
  5. What is this? League of Legends? Soon we'll be having skins referencing the Internet or somethin. Jesus christ
  6. Haha... perhaps not. I checked again, and it's the first part of p30. That one that you're probably really freakin proud of ;P And is okay, I have a fun time trying to get my mind to express it's words aptly.
  7. Damn. I've never, ever felt so enthralled by a Fanart before in my life. Honestly, this is all perfect. The writing is pretty damn good, the art is fuckin' fantastic (agree with a previous comment: pg 28~'s first panel's perspective was beautiful - make that a wallpaper!) and the gameplay isn't tedious. You somehow managed to immerse me not only into your comic, but also further into the world of Don't Starve. I've never had a piece of fanart do this... they've always felt separate, or as if they forgot to add in the magical Don't Starve 'touch'.
  8. Yeah, I feel you though I learned that cheating my way into easiness didn't work out for funtimes many years ago, probably because of my dad. I would be playin Age of Empires and wanting to just win so I'd type in the Big Daddy cheat (spawns a convertible car with some guy holding a missile launcher... in the bronze ages), and my big daddy would come and enforce the idea that it was unhealthy to get used to using these cheats. Leave it for an occasion said he. Guess the lesson was learned x) I loved Halo, by the way. Some seriously magical experiences with Halo (1 and 3 is what I'm talking bout). Although that was a session based game, I found that it was totally not designed around the 'I NEED MY QUICK FIX OF FUNRIGHTNOW' player like fuckin they all are these days. Damn, I could spend hours just exploring the lands in the campaigns just because of how magical it all seemed. I think me being a patient little kid also helped.
  9. Removing the excitement of great failure or great success? Skip the learning process and the good feelings that come with it? Nope
  10. I understand your point, my friend - as a kid professionally wasting time on games I always asked questions (to myself) pertaining the value of the quick bursts of game funtimes or the drawn out, more wholesome kind (like in Don't Starve, or a big adventure game), and over the years of all these questionings I found that the kind of 'quantity over quality' game that is so prevalent these days, catering to the quicker (and shittier ) work/school lives of us all, aren't really worth it. One could play 1000 hours of one session-based game like LoL or Battlefield and, years later, wouldn't even be able to look back on even 10% of those hours thinking fond, nostalgic memories. These kinds of games are things you inject into your brain for 'in-the-moment' type pleasures... which sounds a lot like fuckin' heroin to me I still haven't answered the question that is "Does our lifestyles actually support the more time = reward' (as opposed to time = static enjoyment) style games, or are we all just too addicted to it to truly give the other side a chance?". So I don't pluckin' know, really :3
  11. Yeah, I know they've not just jumped ship on DS, but I do worry how easily it will be for them to lose sight of it. When there's a multiplayer game with this much potential, the 'community' has the potential to engulf the developers. I've seen it so many times, which is why I am very careful not to stop hating DST ALSO, I keep imagining what DS would be if DST hadn't come along. Damn, they should have just added in LAN support or some **** forget the internet man, yknow?
  12. No... no... you're wrong - not to be condescending, but this is the kind of suggestion that ruins games and developers. It is the multiplayer aspect of it combined with the people of these times. We live in a time where instant gratification and impatience are ridiculously prevalent. You'll notice that in multiplayer it is rare that you will find players dedicating and committing to a proper, serious whack at a world. Theres this vibe of 'this could be minecraft right now'. Notice the multiplayer games that are the biggest right now. What are they all doing that's the same? They're all not actually as good as they are popular - weird. Another thing: they're spewing out content updates and hype as much as they can. League of Legends is fun, but it does not deserve the title of world's most played game. My point is that people who are feeling what you are come and complain 'I think we need more content because we're all feelin' a bit bored here', when you don't even realise that your multiplayer experience will inherently be boring because of the nature of people these days. No matter how many updates DST will get, after a few months of no updates people will start droppin' off because their need for a constant flow of cheap candy will be found elsewhere. Single player games don't have this problem, and it's where Klei should have kept this game. God dangit, DST is going to **** up DS
  13. I think it's because DST is filled with that kind of usual, internet-era-born, kid who needs everything NOWNOWNOW and needs it to be real easy to get ones head around. You can tell, because they are always the ones using (and asking for) mods that make the game more easy and convenient.
  14. Your talkings about getting ones linework down as a starter interests me. I think I understand that. I always figured that a good drawer would have a very focused mind (I'm sure they sure would, but I thought that was more or less it) and so they could almost 'trace' off their mind's image. I feel like school creatively destroyed me. I actually remember being a kid and being so passionate about coloured pencils and drawing things from my mind (shitty kids drawings, the best kind ofc). Mayhaps I would indeed be a master drainter if that stupid kid persisted. Thanks bud :> perhaps you have changed my life's direction just a little, I may yet be a decent artisto. I've always liked how some of the smallest prompts can make some of the most significant changes in your life . Though, I may forget and do nothing about it.