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  1. I also had this problem! I figured I'd post in here instead of posting a new thread, but if it'd be preferred that I can post a new one. My map in Shipwrecked did the "suddenly unrevealed itself" thing too. Several times. It always happens in a straight line and hides whatever is on the opposite of the line. As seen on the image above, theres a diagonal line where my map has randomly cut off, hiding a big chunk of what I had already discovered, including my home base. This issue usually happens when I save and quit and then come back after a time. Hope that helps!
  2. Here are some random outtakes! I think this was someone's request a while ago... I'd have to go back into the archived thread and look to see who it is to ping them. I'm lazy right now, though... Some unfinished doodles: ^I think this was recent because it looks like my typical adventure mode outfit... Also, true story here: (I made a bunch of these drawings with the intention of making a photoset, was too lazy to save them separate... so have a gif instead)
  3. Thank you! I draw anything! I can understand the confusion though haha, I just really like webber! oh no! I'll have to fix that! haha! I usually don't get Two Worlds for my fourth map! Last couple of times it's been King of Winter... or Archipelago. And I've died for stupid reasons, usually because my Tam O' Shanter dies >_< I'm going to fix that by bringing a sewing kit with me next time! AUGH!! I should draw a scene like that, because... I need to. Art is all about representing your feelings.. I need to represent my badfeels for Chp 4th. AUGH!! Hio! I'm inbetween projects and homes right now! I'm currently sitting in my parent's closet with a bunch of boxes, sort of like harry potter. B) So I have time! Generally on this thread I am only open for Don't Starve requests, since this is in the DS thread, but if you have something specific you can PM me and I'll consider it (like I do with all reqs!) Thank you! That sounds like a cute idea!
  4. OMG!! your stuff is so cute and hilarious! I love your coupling of wes and wigifried.. adorable!!
  5. Hey guys! Sorry for disappearing over and over... I keep getting bogged down with big projects and as soon as I have time to draw again, my thread gets archived! So I have to make new ones everytime. lol. Well in other news, I got my Bachelor's! So hopefully this thread can stay active and not-archived from now on! Here's my most recent fanart of webber! I got back into adventure mode again. I keep dying on Chapter 4. Idk what it is about my bad luck or something, but... Yeah. Gotta get those pigmen!! And in addition to that, heres a doodle I made a while ago when I played DST briefly... Competitive/Collaborative play is kind of exhausting to me (unfortunately) so I haven't played a lot, but I did really like the costumes! (this should link to a larger version...) and as per usual, I am open to requests! I doodled a bunch of the ones I got last time, but never got a chance to post them. :'( I moved recently and lost a lot of old sketchbooks and I think the doodles were in there. I'm gonna dig around for them and post later... For now, if you'd like to see some of my older fanart, you can check it out here. Thanks everyone!
  6. Sup guys! My old thread was so old it got archived... oops.. Oh well, that means it's time for a new thread! I didn't make a lot of fanart for a while because of a big project I had, but that's almost done now! So that means more fanart! Wooo I've been playing shipwrecked so here's a poor webber suffering in hurricane season: and in case you've never seen my work before/don't remember me, here are some old things! I draw a lot of webber: I'll probably draw something other than webber sometime... maybe... maybe if somebody gives me a good idea/request.. *winkwink*
  7. Miss - Yeah, lines are hard... But you're either good at them.. and only them.. and nothing else *sob* or good at a lot of things. so. > Leaden- thank you!! Oops, this topic got old... Gonna bump it up with a sculpt I've been working on a bit in my free time. Which has been minimal, so.. This poor guy has been sitting in limbo forever: I'd love to finish it soon, because krampus has a great design... and is a difficult challenge in 3D!! but alas, job is crazy atm EDIT: also, if anyone has any requests for any webber-related doodles... Please throw them at me!
  8. Thank you everyone! I want to reply to everyone individually but I've been busy with work and all, so heres a tiny webber doodle instead..
  9. Sorry for the double post, but here are more doodles! More webber 'cus whynaut? I always keep a glommer close in the dark because Webber's low sanity makes him annoying to deal with in the night. But just give him a cuddly buddy and he's good! For the most part. And webber again, torturing maxwell. Because I just can't get enough of adventure mode. Regardless of my death toll I'll just keep coming back for your games, Maxwell. Sorry!
  10. I completely understand about the Flannel, woodie. It's so soft... Even in high temps you just gotta keep it on. LOL I love your drawings!
  11. @ImDaMisterL - Thank you on both accounts!! NoobModder - Thank you! It seems great so far! And people are very patient and helpful on the mod forums. I haven't posted there yet but I've absorbed some info from other people's requests.hehe Mobbstar - Thank you! Yes he is. And hehe, great! Zannrael - Thank you! Those two are my favs And the glommer in your siggy is so cute! acemurdock - Thanks! And no, he will never learn. nope. Miss - Thank you! And yes, but I don't really post there because I didn't like it so much for a while, so it doesn't have a lot of updated stuff It's TG-I if you'd like to look. So I took a break from the mod development because I found a more efficient way to go about a certain mechanic that I was botching up (C&P style..) to create... So in the meantime, have some chesters.
  12. Aaa yes! I love glommer! He's my go to everytime the full moon comes because I play the poor buggy with low sanity. And the bearger picture is turning out B-A!
  13. Heeeeeeey friends I'm new to this forum in an attempt to get more into the modding community. I figured while I scream in agony trying to get some mods to work, I'd post some fanart I've done on this board! I play webber in DST, so... I always torture my friends with spiders. Unfortunately. (sob) And here's a little thing of my recent DS file, just webber and chester hangin out! I lost that file, unfortunately. D: Deerclops did me in, as per usual. Will post more as I continue to do more doodles! Thanks for lookin!
  14. LOL I laughed my keester off at all of these. good work!