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  1. I've found a bizarre & very-specific crash which can essentially corrupt worlds and make them unplayable. If a non-enraged Klaus dies at the same time that the world is saved, reloading that save (while no players are near Klaus) will cause the world to crash. The crash seems to be caused by some code in the klaus stategraph treating its brain (a nil value in the aforementioned situation) like a table. I tested this on the surface of a modless world that has Caves enabled. Server log included. ♥ server_log.txt
  2. When you get locked out of the Ballphin Palace and you hear the Crocodogs coming:
  3. While playing Shipwrecked, I found a blueprint for an Obsidian Machete. I used it, but did not learn the recipe. Since obsidian items are similar to Ancient-tier, I'm assuming that blueprints for them are unintentional.
  4. If a player in the process of dying is hit by the fuelweaver's shield knockback, they will leave the death state and the game will crash.
  5. I believe those are the effects shown when one can open a gift, I could be wrong though.
  6. I just replaced the profile pictures and names, this is the original:
  7. Screen flashes from Explosions and Lightning make you close Chests, Iceboxes, Crockpots, etc. This is caused by the split-second complete darkness from screen flashes, It won't happen if you're standing near a light source. During Spring (and Hurricane Season in SW), it can be so frustrating that one would want to pull their hair out.
  8. Spoiler



  9. Inspecting an object in your inventory by alt-clicking it while hopping between two boats in the middle of the ocean then right clicking a boat to inspect it will cause you to die. Golly, that's complicated, Here's a video about it too: Also, you can use this while jumping into a boat from land to "walk on water" and place ocean structures extremely close to land, That's another can of worms on its own. If there's a way to stop players from cancelling that animation, that would be an easy fix for tons of related bugs. Oh yeah, and completely preventing players from placing "ocean structures" while not in a boat would be another easy fix for ocean structure placement exploits.
  10. I haven't seen a mod that can do that, but I know of a few console commands that can get that done: 1. ThePlayer.prefab = "wilson" 2. c_save() 3. c_rollback(0) Instructions, warnings, etc:
  11. If lightning strikes while you're going through a container or using a crockpot, the UI will close. Quite annoying during spring. This should be a good example: If a player is suddenly in complete darkness, they close any containers / crockpots which are active. Screen flashes from lightning, gunpowder, etc count as complete darkness for a split second, so the container shuts. This also happens on the non-multiplayer version of Don't Starve, It's especially bad during Hurricane Season in SW.