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  1. That phrasing has sold it for me. And now you mention it I can certainly imagine them bickering like an old magical couple.
  2. This is patently amazing. Also is that the kid from Braindead 13?
  3. No seriously, I'd have to do a bunch of research on how bad romantic fanfiction is supposed to read because I have absolutely no experience. So naturally I'm going to take your star wars bootleg film as a case study. Maybe see you in a 2 hours or so. Till then try it on at the aforementioned waifu threads or something.
  4. Haha, thanks but I'm not that passionate about them to know how to do something like that.
  5. It sounds like it was a great loss. Note to selves: find or found a less judgemental forum for crowd-written fanfics.
  6. Thank you kind sir, I shall consume it at my leisure whilst sipping a martini and chuckling softly.
  7. *INTENDED to be a romantic shipping thread. Do Warly and Maxwell not get along well in the promotional material? I was thinking Warly'd like someone dapper enough to appreciate his cooking. Plus his quote when examining Maxwell "You! You...Villain!" sounds kind of tentative and betrayed to me. IDK, probably reading too much into it. Do we have waifu threads?
  8. It was meant to be a thinly veiled and poorly justified shipping thread, however it was swiftly derailed into wild speculations on the inner lives and origins of pigmen. Yeah.
  9. And parallel currencies for some reason. How you get here is what I'm concerned about. I mean do you warp here when you click on one of the tiny mock structures, or is the whole place "modelled" on the outside? Loving the georgian hair and teeth on her .
  10. Ha, I forgot about Hamlet! Maybe society's just evolved to the point where they'll let the girl pigs out of the house now? Regardless its gonna be some freakin weird DLC if they actually make it balanced, seems like a fusion of RPG with Survival, what with all the dungeon crawling and the reliance on NPC interactions for survival. There's also some pathos to the idea that the primitive species that you befriended and nurtured has now spawned a draconian society which constitutes your only means of survival and will probably never accept you as one of their own. Also BUILDINGS HAVE INTERIORS. HOW'S THAT DONE THEN?
  11. It could lower max sanity instead of constantly draining it? Then it would be a bit more usable for mere mortals other than wilson.
  12. Mwahaha, it's too late JellyUltra, now the entire forum shall know of your heresy! ...still doesn't explain how the pigs reproduce when they're apparently an all male society.
  13. Winona: a workaholic action woman from a factory line Walani: a worry-less surfer dudette from polynesia Sure, they'd compliment each other and probably find common ground as strong independent women in the long term, but on the surface they have very little in common. So I think they'd probably try to prove that their work ethic and approach is superior before eventually giving up and coming to terms with their differences. Props for first legit response It's definitely canon.
  14. Bruh, exactly 66 + 2/3% of these aren't player characters. ...yet.