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  1. Whatever you say, seasons don't really do the "big challenge". Let's just say you have longer season, that also simply means you also have longer time to prepare for that longer season. So okay, short season = you have less time to prepare for next whatever season. I didn't really set that as a challenge. I set that because when I play, I want seasons to change faster; Adds fun factor. By the way, I said "short", it's not the shortest. Why the size of the world "small"? Who cares? Only the clown. For you clown, you can do any size. Make it as big as your clown face The bigger the world, the more the resources. End of story. And the fact is, it is also not part of the so called "challenge". and I am just suggesting. You're the one who's bragging, clown.
  2. Well.. I like playing the usual DST version with day, dusk, night, and all seasons, but harder.. yet can still build a "cool base". So I changed the World Setting to.. (as far as I remember) World Size: Small Autumn: Short Winter: Short Spring: Short Summer: Short Trees: None Flints: None Berries: None Carrots: Less Ice: Less Flowers: Less Grass: Less Twigs: Less Rabbit: Less Pengull: Less Moleworm: Less Bee: Less Clockworks: More Treeguard: More Poison Birchnut Tree: None --The rest of them.. default.-- Simply put, *All the easy to get food are "less" (Berry Bush either put it "none or less" if you want to make something out of the bush like that headgear thing) *All animals that doesn't hit back are "less" (Pengulls.. well.. easy food because of ice) (If you make all animals "none", you are also not allowing yourself to build other equipment & buildings.. such as the magic hat thing that requires alive rabbits) *Other note: If you make all monsters "more", you'll find yourself in the game just.. picking stuffs.. forever. If you make wolves "more", easy tooth traps. ../meh Hmm.. I forgot one thing. I made trees "none", that's because birchnut is an easy food, so... add a mod, "Starting Item" Have a starting: *pine cones *and flints (because I set it to "none" also) *twigs (optional. So you can have a starting axe and pickaxe) -- If it is too hard for you, either set the Clockworks to "default", or set the Trees to "Less" The more the players, the harder the game. Cheers* EDIT: Try not to play Webber for easy gaming. o.O