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  1. Rawsie

    Don't Starve Fanart

    I don't think they do. They haven't posted anything DS related in a while.
  2. Rawsie

    Don't Starve Fanart

    Might want to give credit to http://redrumrose.tumblr.com/ if you're going to base your work on their art. Just as a future precaution. You don't want anyone to mistake you for a copy-cat, do you? ; )
  3. Woah! Thanks man! It's just a flat coloured sketch though, nothing complicated. No, I currently don't, but I'm thinking about setting up one when I make enough don't starve art. I used to draw tons of fanart back in 2015 but most of it has aged quite badly. Thanks man. Your art is hella rad I absolutely love it! Gonna follow you for sure and keep an eye out for more stuff you create.
  4. Woah! Looked through the whole thread and I must say I'm amazed. Your traditional works are sooo good. So much motion in the characters, so much weight in the lines. Keep it up! : D I also loved the concept of a baby version of the volt goat though yours looked a bit like a miniature volt goat and not a proper baby. Drew my version just to show you what I mean by that. Babies have incredibly big eyes and also are extremely fluffy with their horns being nothing but tiny stumps in their head. Liked the idea of unproportionally big ears so I kept them
  5. I deeply hope No Eye Deer will be updated at some point, giving them some special traits, special drops or any interesting feature really. Their current state is kind of disappointing.