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  1. Why are people asking for Maxwell to get a complete overhaul? I think he's one of the most well rounded characters in terms of power. Hard for new players due to low HP, but extremely useful for experienced players due to his fast resource gathering speed. I don't think Maxwell really needs a rework but if he does I hope it's something small like tuning the shadow minions. Maybe something small like having the ability to start/stop the minions without the need to kill them similar to Wendy and Abigail.
  2. I'm surprised you didn't go for volt goat jelly. With the jelly and water balloons you can get a nice 2.5x damage multipler.
  3. Just wanted to add I can confirm that this is happening. I just got back into DST 2 weeks ago and not a single Klei hosted server had clockworks in the over world.
  4. EDIT: Sorry guys you can close this topic. I'm not sure why it wasn't working right, but I reset all keybinds to default and it's working correctly again.
  5. Oh I see. I guess that is a new bug then since I've never seen that happen before in my 1000+ hours.
  6. @cezarica I don't think this is a bug. It's always been this way. If for example you visited a location that had a berry bush, but someone removed the berry bush while you weren't at this location the berry bush wouldn't be removed from the minimap until you actually visited the location again.
  7. The griefers can do whatever they want with it regardless. There's nothing u can do to stop a griefer from hammering ur base.
  8. @V2C I think people at the character selection screen should be able to see system messages just like any other chat.
  9. An Ornery beefalo with a war saddle does 66 damage. (Ornery beefalo's damage is 50, war saddle is +16 damage)
  10. @Zillvr Is it attached now? And it wasn't a dedicated server, and I also wasn't the host.
  11. If you jump through a wormhole it should teleport through with you
  12. Not sure why it happens but, I do have my client_log so maybe someone can figure out why it crashes. client_log.txt
  13. My dedicated servers keep crashing. I keep getting this error : [00:00:05]: [string "scripts/networking.lua"]:633: attempt to call method 'GetDefaultServerIntention' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/networking.lua:633 in (global) GetDefaultServerData (Lua) <626-653> scripts/networking.lua:668 in () ? (Lua) <655-680> start_in_online_mode = true server_started = true slot = 1
  14. Hey I think you guys pushed the dev build.
  15. Elegants right now are a once in a lifetime opportunity for me :/ To be honest I rather Klei just sell their skins so people can actually get skins at a reasonable price.
  16. I really hope they increase the drop chance for elegant, and distinguished skins. I've gotten around 100 drops, and so far have only gotten 1 distinguished, and no elegants. If distinguished, and elegants are this rare then how rare are loyal and timeless going to be? 1/1000 chance?
  17. Also if Wolfgang's health is over 150 it will go down to 150 when u travel between the cave, and overworld.
  18. Not only this, but if you are invited to a server or join a friend's game from steam you won't be able to select any clothes to wear. The selection box appears, but you can't scroll through your inventory.
  19. Also I can't put on skins if I click join game from the steam's friend's list.
  20. You can't go between caves and overworld when you disable incoming connections. Maybe you guys can make it so this console command excludes people traveling between servers?
  21. I can't make an endless world either so it seems like a bug. Also currently only the host can enter the caves. When anyone else tries to enter it says "Server not available". Here is my log. log.txt