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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows of plans to bring split screen to the PC version of Don't Starve Together? I have a PS4 and already own DS+RoG, but I've kind of hit my limit on DS related purchases. Here are the versions I've purchased (in chronological order): 1) DS+RoG for PS4. 2) DS+RoG for PC (for myself) 3) DS Pocket Edition for iOS (for my wife) 3) SW DLC for PC (for myself). 4) Don't Starve Together for PC (2 license bundle, one for me and one for my daughter). 5) DS+RoG+SW for PC (for my daughter). 6) DS+RoG for Android (for myself) With split screen coming to the PS4 version, it only seems right to include it in the PC version too. I suppose not many people play split-screen on PC, but I use a Steam Link and it would be great to all be able to play together on the couch.