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  1. Thanks for the answer. But thats very sad. But i heard that's the game is not working in Ukraine too, but there is no sanctions against Ukraine. How can it be possible?
  2. Hello again, i can't wait any longer . What's the problem , why i can't play about 4 mounts. I can't play not PS4 version and PC version. When this problem will be solved.
  3. nome 2267 I have both PC and Sony Playstation versions both is not working what about sony version
  4. I v got 403. That’s an error. Your client does not have permission to get URL/HealthCheck from this server. That’s all we know. but now I eager to know why I cant play on PS4 how can I fix it anyway thanx for trying to help
  5. About a month Klei servers do not working on my PC and Playstation 4. What can it be? How can I play my favorite game? I spend about 700 hours in this game.