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  1. Almost all ranching is done at significant loss of material. Pacus, Pokeshells, Hatches and Slicksters, for example, only output 50% of their input. I can't help but get seriously demotivated to do ranching when I see that half of my material input is going to disappear when digested by the critter in question. I don't have the math skills to determine whether the return in eggs + meat makes up for that staggering 50% loss. The wiki doesn't say anything about it. Dreckos break this material loss totally, as they don't theoretically require anything other than space to make reed fibers, eggs and meat. I've ranched them now. But I feel very hesitant ranching slicksters, for example. Even my crazy supply of 3000kg of carbon dioxide from constantly using canister fillers over 100+ cycles will only supply 8 slicksters for about 20 cycles, and then they're all gonna melt away from starvation. Am I overcomplicating this? Are the eggs and meat enough of a counterbalance?