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  1. Alright, thanks again for the help.
  2. I know its recommended to not change the pivots in the scml, however I adjusted them according to the new image sizes and it re-centered the part. If there's a better way around the offset issue I'll go with that but the edited pivots seem to work fine with the animations so far.
  3. Yeah it gets offset ingame. Doubling was mostly just to test, I only need that part wider tbh. Here's what it looks like when I change just the width from 72 to 100.
  4. I tried doing this to swap_body-0 (the part that goes in front) by doubling the canvas size from the center and it gets shifted down and to the right. I guess I can only really change the canvas size vertically?
  5. I had just tried using the default backpack and decompiling/recompiling that and it worked for me as well. And yeah, I was having trouble discerning what was what with the names which made finding any problems difficult. Thanks so much for the help, I really appreciate it. Quick question, how did you resize the cape image? Did you just simply change the canvas size? I thought that would end up offsetting or stretching it since the size is set differently in the scml.
  6. @maliblues Small update in case this helps point to the problem. It appears that the cape isn't loading the animations AT ALL, or at least is simply loading just a single texture, body-swap-0 (which is the same thing that would happen if I loaded the build from rubycape rather than swap_rubycape). I tested this by removing the anim.bin completely which resulted in no changes visually. Also, its using a single texture at all times with no animation. At this point though, I'm just gonna move on and either try another method of building a custom backpack or toss the idea, so no worries if no fix is found. I'm guessing its just not possible to properly recompile a decompiled build. :T
  7. Alright, thanks for checking it out though. I'll see if I can find some way around the issue.
  8. I used this mod to reference how they did the cape. Used the rubycape item, specifically decompiled/recompiled the swap_rubycape anim zip.
  9. I do have another issue with Krane now though. I've decompiled a mod item and then without editing anything, recompiled it and tested and it looks completely wrong ingame (it looked fine before). I tried replacing the anim.bin and tex with the original ones before the decompiling and its still messed up so I assume its not the animations themselves. I'm not sure whether Krane or the autocompiler is causing the issue however, or how to fix it.
  10. The reason it doesn't show up in the inventory is probably simply because you need to add the assets for the inventory image in your lua. As for the ground texture, I think the problem is because the image you used doesn't have the same dimensions as the berry image. As you can see the original berry image is 256x128 and has 2 different textures on it (since the berries have a cooked version). Your image is 64x64. If you don't have a higher resolution of your texture you can simple resize the berry image down to 128x64, but it needs to stay the same aspect ratio. Simply take this image and replace the berries on the right with your new texture. If you won't have a cooked texture, you can either simply ignore the texture on the left or find a food item that doesn't have one and base it off of that. Also, your build should still be that of your new item, since you renamed it with the buildrenamer. Only the anim.bin needs to reference the berries since you're just borrowing the animations of the berries.
  11. I'm not very experienced with lua but other than missing the inventory texture in your assets everything looks right to me. If you send your anim zip i can take a look at it to see if there's a problem there. Edit: Since the anim.bin wasn't renamed or edited (just the atlas-0.tex and build.bin), you'll need to change this line to reference your original item's anim: Change "item" to whatever you're basing the item off of.
  12. What does your item's lua look like? Did you make sure to load the assets there?
  13. Oops I forgot to mention that you need to rename your build using this tool. Edit: Sorry apparently those tools don't contain a build renamer anymore from the looks of it, here's one I found. Nevermind again haha, I just missed it, use the first link for the build renamer.
  14. Yup that should be enough, though since your assets are loaded in your item's lua you don't really need those here, just the item in the PrefabFiles.