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  1. Some update ! The server is going well, we have been having a lot of activity throughout the month, and we are reaching the final days of our first monthly world wipe. Thanks to our recent growth, we have been able to switch the Dedicated Server to Password protected, and if we ever want to open, we have some very good anti-griefing protection. Come have fun with us !
  2. Small bump. I would really need to figure this out for my DST community, I appreciate all help. I'm really looking to understand more about that stuff.
  3. My server uses 2 different paths for the Master and Cave respectively : Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigOverworld\Cluster_1\Master\save and Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigCaves\Cluster_1\Master\save I have put adminlist.txt in both of these paths. There's one in EasyConfigCaves and, EasyConfigOverworld, and in each of these folder's Cluster_1, Master and save, because I wanted to be sure that one of them would be correct somehow. It didn't work even after a restart. I'm quite confused !
  4. Greetings ! After doing some research on the net, and I apologize if I completely missed it, but I have failed to find any information concerning how to give admin rights to players on a dedicated server. I think I understand I need to create an adminlist.txt somewhere, and paste in it the KU ID of the concerned player (for example : KU_4yHbwOHu). However, my server is running via two folders, named DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigOverworld & DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigCaves. I have tried leaving a copy of my adminlist.txt in every possible folder, to no avail, and I would love to understand what I would be doing wrong. Thank you !
  5. Greetings ! (This may only interest players in the European Timezone) Not Starving is Awesome is a project about bringing likeminded players together in a small to medium community. We hope not to get too crowded so that the place may stay inclusive ! As of the 21st of July, we are 22 members, 10 of which are active. Summary A Discord server carefully moderated by myself, with a couple Rules to help. A Dedicated, Modded DST Server, open from around 10am to 12pm CEST everyday. Mods are a majority of QoL features and some balance changes to encourage cooperation and resource sharing. I am trying very hard to ensure that the game retains it's original, vanilla-like taste ! A Casual / Beginner friendly attitude and playstyle, with upcoming guides for a bunch of aspects of the game. (Currently, we have Cooking !) Monthly World Wipes, with Polls for players to decide how they would like to play each, ensuring a different experience every Month. In order to learn more about the project, I have made so that anyone may be able to join our Discord server in a private, visitor-only section containing a lot of information. In it, we may freely discuss of the details, and official access to the community may be done upon agreement. Link : https://discord.gg/j8nCd8q The Dedicated Server opens for Thursday, 4th of July, for it's first Wipe, and it's theme is a Complete the Base challenge. It consists in the world already having a big Holographic base (thanks to the related mod, "Construction Planning"), ready for players to complete. A holographic structure may be turned into a real structure with a simple click, provided you have the necessary materials and the recipe unlocked. Lastly, various signs litters the place to give additional objectives and challenges, and the base covers everything the game has to offer so players may be encouraged to do everything ! Thank you for reading, I hope for potentially interested people to join our Discord's Visitor Area !