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  1. With mouse, we can't drop or pick items on these rays of light (image joined) Strange.. Gaston. log.txt
  2. I made a campfire and one shadow hand come but it stoped it at the door... Strange.. Gaston. log.txt
  3. When there is full moon... Squirrels with red eyes can cross the walls??! Strange, Gaston. log.txt
  4. Hi ! Thks ! Someone give me these idea (for Bird and Wigfrid)
  5. Hi, you can on Opera or Firefox (on computer) but you will be some bugs i think.
  6. Hello, 

    I'm graphic designer and i love to draw Shipwrecked's scenes :)

    Kiss and fun :)

  7. Hello SURVIVORS ! I work fews hours on this project : Fresco of 5 scenes (Shipwrecked) with Wendy, Wilson, a bird, Warly and Wigfrid ! ►►► Let's see here : (for a better experience, open on Chrome (computer 16/9), images need to load) Kiss and fun