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  1. Alright) Can you check your OpenGL version? OpenGL ES 3.0 also requared...
  2. Game requires Android 5.0
  3. Are you sure that its Android device?) Maybe Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2?
  4. Public beta of Don't Starve Shipwrecked is now available in Google Play and in difference of the original game it pleasantly surprised me. No blurry textures, resolution problems or freezes on my S6 Edge. It works perfectly well. Special thanks for the Russian language) Excellent work. Thank you Klei ❤
  5. What.

    You can break it with a hammer
  6. What.

    Don't. Touch. Other people's ice boxes) It's not a glitch. It's Don't Starve
  7. Incompatibilidad

    Game needs OpenGL 3.0. Grand Prime got OGL 2.0(
  8. Cause it's a stupid question man! You can't download it now, it's not released yet! It'll be after the closed beta. Wait a little...
  9. Hey guys. Any news about upcoming updates for the android version? I really love this game and want to play it on my S6 edge... with normal graphics. I don't know why but this blurry textures are breaking the whole impression (sry for my Eng... again)) Thank you for your wonderful games that changed my life, yeah) And special thanks for your help and community support Klei