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  1. so does anyone else crash when walking next to the christmas science tree thing? i forget what its called, cuz i stopped using this mod because of it.
  2. ADHDkittin

    My Mod is having issues...

    assuming it was a character mod, do you have "torse_pelvis" pngs? the characters now have a bottom half of their torso, I would re-download the sample character, and compare which folders and files are there/not there. it could be simple like that. i looked at your mod, im not sure what kind of mod it is. cuz im new to this, just an artist with no xp in this.
  3. I have all 4 pop skins, and yesterday was when i put the codes in, and all though they showed up in my inventory, and they showed up in my craft menu, when i went to make them not all of them worked. or at least not right away I could make the skin for the top hat( willow), But the one i wanted the most, wich was the wendy beekeeper skin, i couldnt make. this morning i could finally make it. so idk if i needed to log out and back in for it to work. but it wouldnt work, when i received it. that timing, is something that should be looked into
  4. So last night after posting this, I uninstalled steam, re-installed steam; and don't starve, same problem. However, I was able to figure out where the problem came from. At the beginning when it asks you if you want to make it SW compatible, so that only SW mods work, if you click "yes", the game will crash when using the pitchfork, if you click "no" it wont. ( I did this with all mods turned off) At the moment, (just tested) I have all my fav mods turned on, started the game on regular ds mode, and clicked "no" and Huzza! My game still works, unfortunate that I wont be able to visit SW, but at least I'll be able to unlock my remaining regular characters. I know this is only helpful to players who wish to continue playing, but hopefully its helpful for the developers to fix the problem.
  5. I'm getting the same problem, at first I thought it was my mods, but when I was down to three, I gave up and disabled all the mods, and my game still crashed when using the pitchfork. I was trying to play normal DS, without ROG or SW, when I initially started the game it asked if I wanted to make the game SW compatible, that way mods for SW would work too. (or at least that's how I assume that works) At first I thought it was something I could ignore. But realized 20 days in that I couldn't. I am also a steam user. I love this game, so please fix it.