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  1. Yes... i don't really like going through all the pages >.> i just jump right in so i don't notice everything. thank you for the info though x.x
  2. It does didnt know those were there. thanks.
  3. Theres more? would you mind letting me know what the other one is
  4. just noticed didnt know that before thanks for the info.
  5. So... i was just going through my trade inn and i saw this pop up on the side. so apparently there are recipes. but i don't know if i want to let go of my skins...
  6. Why not make it craft-able in the trade inn like what was mentioned in your streams months ago. Am i the only one who would think it would be fun to turn these into recipes. It would be accessible to everyone who was able to get the skins for the recipe to turn it into those skins, rather than the randomness of the trade-inn. I've been looking forward to the "recipes" they mentioned but haven't heard about it since. This would be a fun way to bring it around since the skins have already been released somewhere else rather than a raffle as well.
  7. And give it time it just came out the market needs time to stabilize. Theres problems going on with the market atm. Anything with the same name is lumped in together, i.e all of the GoH's are under the same listing. if you purchase one you have no idea which one your gonna get.
  8. Is chester a cat or a dog? and how did he end up in don't starve? did he get sucked in like charlie or was he always there?