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  1. Good job! At first it looked like OP to me, but I tried this mod anyway, And I have to say, mostly it isn't OP at all. The golden armor/helmet seem like great items, but with game days flowing I realized that there is not enough gold in default game world to make it too easy. Gold can be taken from the pig king, true, however you either have to hunt a lot of tumbleweeds to get all thosegravedigger items, or you have to spare some meat. Not much meat to spare, as a matter of fact. So, well done at least. The only thing I found to be a bit of a cheat is that golden sword you have in your mode. Maybe it's better to have it more expensive or something, otherwise it's too easy to obtain and it's second only to dark sword in terms of melee damage.
  2. This just hangs my game when I open the presets page. Pity.
  3. It seems that there is some bug with craftable merman house. The game crashes when I simply try to view it on tab. Pity, I like the idea to release more evil merms into the world, heh heh...
  4. I *LOVE* the idea of Willow hating ashes (because it's the death of fire), good job with ornithophobia too!
  5. How 'bout balancing it out a bit? You know, like refueling the lighter with nightmare fuels or something. Let me know if the idea is right, I might be able to craft such a mod myself... P.S. Mouse, I like your mods and I like you, that's for sure