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  1. Has anyone thought about the relationship between biomes and immovable things in these biomes? I have been working on a mod in which I am adding a couple of custom biomes with their own content (I am currently working on the content for the biomes along with uses not world generation), but it got me thinking about how don't starve (together) in general handles its biomes. There are some biomes that you can move basically everything of necessity like the forest, and then there are biomes where things are simply stuck in place like deserts with their cacti, tumbleweed spawners, and dragonfly arena (along with non-renewable things like the wolf spawnwers and bones). There are some mods that already exist to move things like cacti or whatever, this isn't my concern. Rather I was wondering if anyone would know if it would be (realistically) possible to make biomes turf-dependent. So basically with this post I am trying to see if there is something like this that already exists, maybe if there is interest, and get general opinions on this. Obviously in game this would be a large undertaking (moving an entire biome, removing one, etc) but overall I feel that it could be properly balanced by requiring large amounts of turf to be connected to be considered a biome. Some potential challenges with this would be: Turf-dependent spawning of objects and plants (such as cacti dying in non-desert locations or tumbleweeds spawning on new desert turf). The actual detecting of biomes and what sizes of land they should be (detecting size is not a problem, but rather at what point does it qualify as a biome). Deserts in particular would be problematic because there are 2 different types with the same turf. Many more that honestly I don't feel like typing out So can anyone think of potential hazards with making this that I didn't mention or any suggestions, direction, or basically anything revolving around this idea?
  2. I mean they are adding what seems to be a decent amount of pets. And I doubt they are pets like chester or glommer where its items. probably something closer to the processes for raising a tallbird. So that would be a decent amount of coding towards activities for how the pets should act at diffrent times in their life. I might be completely wrong though. The Queen Bee stuff also seems like something that is going to be a decent task. Although they already have bees in the game I would venture to guess that the Queen Bee is a means to replenish honeycombs in the world.
  3. totally said that yesterday too tho. I still expect the update in a little bit anyway.
  4. I was guiding a stagehand back to my base and had to pass by some pig houses. I lead one too close to the pig house and it is now appearing to float. I can still interact with it but cannot guide it any further. considering that it appears in front of the pig house in a manner that it should not and that it tries to walk but simply cant move, I am assuming that this is a bug and not a new feature having to do with it. Kinda annoying because I wanted to mess around more with the stagehand but I have to go about making a whole new world if I want to lead it on an adventure. Keep up the good work yall! I also tried reloading the world and still the same. Pictures:
  5. So the mod I wrote works on its own. The character I added works fine, and the item I added works fine. The issues comes from when sombody is on another person's server with the mod and they get the item. This sounded like a problem with the onequip action of the item's file. so i changed that around to be as basic as it could be and still no change. Anyway... here is the crash log It says that the problem comes from it trying to index the wetness field (I would assume of the item). I have no idea what i need to change to fix this... so... here is the modmain file Pretty sure everything should be correct there. Here is the item file... Not sure what the problem is with it (if anything)... Testing this problem has been difficult because you physically need two+ people to get the errors so I don't know much other than what I previously explained. I am going to attach a zipped version of the mod in case you need to look at the character's file or info or something... Help would be great. Thanks. My
  6. Thank you. That worked, and I didn't know that the beard actuially had a function that enabled/disabled growth. I did actuiallly get my way to work (sorta) in a really ghetto fasion. But I went ahead and used that way better because it was more of what I wanted to do in the first place.
  7. Not 100% sure how experienced you are with modding or coding in general, but a general tip (which you may already know and have looked at). When you are trying to do something and there is already something somewhat like it in the project... use it or as much of it as you can. The following code is from the staff.lua (specifically the purple staff section). The reason I am showing this to you is because the teleportation functions are here. I have not tried any of this and I am fairly new to the don't starve modding stuff but I have been coding in lua for awhile (mostly small stuff tho). So anyway I would look at that stuff and get rid of the random location stuff and focus more on the getting of positions for the targets. So in place of having one target (like in this code) you would have two that would both be moving locations. I didnt exactly do a whole lot of checking around in this code, but I was looking around in the staff file for some other code and I remembered seeing your post so I looked for about a minute for what seemed like the right set of stuff. Might make no sense out of context. For more context go to the staff.lua file located at [\Don't Starve Together Beta\data\scripts\prefabs]. I would like to mention one more time that I in no way wrote or changed this file and therefor take no credit. Hope this helped some! Sorry if it didnt...
  8. Judging by what you gave me (even though it would be much better if I had the log) the problem here is that you are missing a picture (it might just be named incorrectly). The game is reading the xml file in (what looks like) the bigportraits file and is looking for the correct picture. Try deleting the .tex and .xml files in that file and also the ones in the individual files within the images file. Then when you recompile it, a new version should be created with the correct information. Once again I wold like to point out that this is going off of what I could make out in the background of that picture and the log would make things easier.
  9. Hey I have been working on my first character mod and I have been trying to get it so that in the winter my character's beard will grow. The following is what I have been trying to use to get it to do so. local yes = {1, 6, 9}local no = {100, 101, 102}local function beardf()if TheWorld.state.season == "winter" thenreturn yeselsereturn noendendlocal BEARD_DAYS = beardf()local BEARD_BITS = { 1, 6, 9 }It works fine if i replace the "if TheWorld.state.season == "winter" then" line with something like "if 1>0 then" so I know that the local BEARD_DAYS is getting the information it needs from the yes and no. The problem comes from me trying to get what season it is. I have been trying to use other parts of other files (like this particular try was from the bearger's hibernation function) but I can't seem to get it. Could anyone help?