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  1. I was also thinking you could have giant vegetables of different varieties each fresh inside of the chest. Hard to maintain. edit: Ooo! What about a completed cookbook?
  2. You have to build a scaled chest and fill it with 12 impressive items. You also must decorate the area around the chest. You have a maximum of one year game time to accomplish it.
  3. I’d love to be more specific, but at some point I’m making up rules for a competition, y’know? And then I might as well go and make it an actual competition.
  4. Let’s say that you had to play a game with a 6-person crew, I’m not sure what for maybe a competition or something, and like everyone is your skill level and no one is going to try to mess up on purpose. With that in mind, what characters would you want everyone to be and what tasks would you want those specific characters to accomplish?
  5. I was thinking that maybe it’s a combination backpack/weapon. Like if he’s at full strength he can hit mobs with all the stuff in his pack.
  6. It probably took a very long time for Wilson to train Wortox and Wormwood to build anything.
  7. K… how about you and I say a character that we like on the count of three… 1… 2… Webber
  8. Just FYI, Klei is a Canadian company and we Canadians have Thanksgiving in October.
  9. I’d love to see the best team. I know that people like to play solo, but I’d like to see a crew all together.
  10. What happened to Webber when he combined with a spider is the same thing that happened to Charlie with a shadow. Spiders have less personality than shadows. Edit: Probably with an Ancient Herald.
  11. I think the reason that the survivors can’t build a house type structure with like a roof, is that they refuse to allow the constant to be their “home”.
  12. Exactly, before they do anything they’ll be talking to their lawyer, if it gets bad they’ll send a cease and desist. They’ll make the modders want to remove payment or their mod before they’ll remove it themselves.