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  1. Hey man! I have a question for you! Way back when, you posted this topic! I was wondering if I could ask you how you figured out how to fix it? I am having literally the exact same problem with the silence! And you commented that you had managed to fix it! What did you do to make everything work properly?

  2. He works he works! Oh my god he works thank you so so so so so much Halfrose!!!!
  3. Oh okay! Thank you so much Halfose! I'm working on going through the files and double checking everything! Thanks for the help!
  4. I checked in all the folders and made sure everything is named properly! How would I compile the mod? I'm sorry I have so many questions aack! Like, what files do I compile into a zip?
  5. Oh shoot okay! Well, I went and entirely redid the entire mod, using another mod as a template and he worked! I literally got everything to work! Except the moment it said that it couldn't find the right files for the anim I went and renamed the zips there to the file names I've been using (I switched over to maximo instead of waximo) and now he's just invisible... Haha! I went to use the RenameBuilder tool but I don't really know how I'm supposed to use it, like do I choose the input file it was named as previous and then make the output file the maximo one? It's such a simple interface but I somehow just don't understand it! Thank you so much for the help, by the way, Halfrose!
  6. Hey thank you for replying! I just saw your comment here and on the mod page itself (yikes late!)! I went into the modinfo.lua and was wondering if I would have to make it RoG compatible under the DS compatibility since DST has RoG? I changed the name of those files so that they matched the information on the inside? Like, if I took away the "names" in the file itself, I also changed the name of the file to match suit? In the mondmain . lua I changed the assets to match the names of the files because I edited them so that they had oval and the other to match the ones without the name in them. Like this: Asset( "IMAGE", "bigportraits/waximo.tex" ), Asset( "ATLAS", "bigportraits/waximo.xml" ), AND Asset( "IMAGE", "bigportraits/waximo_none_oval.tex" ), Asset( "ATLAS", "bigportraits/waximo_none_oval.xml" ), But now I'm getting this error whenever I go to test the mod hhhh:
  7. Okay, I went through and made sure everything matched up with esctemplate being switched to waximo and all instances of ESCTEMPLATE being switched to WAXIMO, however it seems to still persist. I checked all the files too... Thanks for getting back to me, by the way!
  8. Hey! I was wondering if you could share exactly how you fixed this problem you were having at the time?
  9. Hey, all! Maximo is all updated and is working on the Klei Don't Starve Together Workshop!!! Maximo Elias Prole on the Workshop! Thank you Halfrose and ImDaMisterL!!!! So, so, so much! The following is what was happening and is now resolved! What was happening: Hey all! I keep getting this error that pops up on the screen with my mod that I have created, now it is still in its testing stage so I just want to be sure all the animation and stuff is still working in the mod. Unfortunately, I continuously get this warning and it won't let me start the game at all without disabling his mod and stuff. I am willing to offer up all the coding and everything so that someone can help me. Any help is greatly appreciated! [[UPDATE as of February 7th 2016 at 4:57 in the morning!]] OKAY I've decided to completely redo everything but leave all my art assets so that I can easily put them into a new folder! I used another mod that simply added a character and did nothing special and have edited all the art so far (I messed up where I'm positioning his face and now all of his facial expressions don't line up very well with one another--my own artist error!) and he is working fine! Once I change all the file names from the other name to "maximo" and everything to "MAXIMO" and such I will update on how it's going! Otherwise, look here! [[UPDATED AGAIN Feb 7 5 something in the morning]] Okay, the game just crashed. I didn't even get to the character select screen this time. The game just came up with a dialog box that said I had to check the log. I don't know where that is right now, so yeah... I'm gonna go through and double check files and stuff. Hhhh.