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  1. While using an xbox one controller (I don't know if this is relevant), and while pushing the left joystick up or down, the input for those actions lasts longer than necessary; so if I only want to walk a step or two down for example, it will make me walk a screen's distance instead. Quite the inconvenience.
  2. Sometimes, while using controller, upon world load or just after loading caves, the game will prompt me to do basic actions (such as picking things up) with the alternate action button instead of the normal one.
  3. Whether with or without DLCs enabled on a world, whenever I change camera angle using the RB and LB on my controller, the crafting menu gives me this buggy flicking as though it's being opened and closed extremely fast(along with the sound effect for opening and closing). This happens after using the crafting menu, and stops temporarily if I open the map.
  4. Apparently this issue has been fixed, but I still have it - I hope that means it will be with the next update, as it's unplayable right now.
  5. When using an xbox controller, it isn't possible to place boat kits. At all! Using keyboard and mouse to get out onto the water for experiments' sake, you can't steer the boat with controller, either!