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  1. I had 1 Pig Skin in a chest and I put in 14 Pig Skin ? and it turned it all into 15 Pig Skin. Don't know if this is intended or is a glitch. I put it in the chest by holding it on my mouse and putting it on the chest icon, not dragging it into the chest
  2. This happens to me when I enter the shop with the guy who buys relics
  3. I can't find the save folder. My steam folder is kinda jumbled everywhere, what is the save folder under so maybe I can find that?
  4. I found the answer, geometric placement was making everything glitched out.
  5. Whenever I purchase columns, this happens with it. I can't rotate it with Q and E as those don't do anything and if I place it it is just facing sideways instead of towards the screen.
  6. Self explanatory. I can place it fine, but can't destroy it. Placed a book shelf on top of it though and I can hammer that book shelf, just not the previous one.
  7. Every time I place lawn turf on this square, the game crashes. Don't know why but it's happened 3 times.
  8. Whenever I buy house decorations, they dont show up correctly. I purchased a bookshelf and a chandelier. The bookshelf completely disappeared and the chandelier was facing in the wrong direction. Unsure about other house items but I am assuming the same. Edit: It appears that the Hook Shelf is the only one that didnt work, I tried A-Frame Shelf and it worked fine Edit 2: Also does not work with Soccer Rug