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  1. Islands

    These are very fun, but it is apparently possible for this to gen an island with no wormholes. I just got stuck on one as the starting island.
  2. Seasonal Farming

    Hm...the birdcage drops and the seasonal vegetables definitely work, but crops still wither.
  3. More Fuel

    Any chance of adding Straw Hats to the burn list? Drives me batty that I can't just chuck 'em on the fire.
  4. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Strangely, it seems to conflict with several things that have nothing to do with the HUD, like Cosmo the Moon Crow. Trying to load a saved game with one of these and RPG HUD enabled ends up with Don't Starve freezing on the error screen. Edit: Okay, doesn't look like a compatibility issue. It keeps throwing the same error at me at random intervals. I tested several different saves and combinations of mods. It only seems to do this sometimes, even on saves I've loaded with no problems before.