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  1. Wignatz

    Version 1.0


    Features Wignatz the mouse, a sneaky new character drawn from the classic Krazy Kat comic strip who specializes in deception and hit-and-run A custom crafting menu with weapons, wearables, structures, and items for subterfuge Loathsome new creatures Events that only happen in certain seasons, lunar phases, weather or time of day A “very special” crockpot recipe The ability to befriend splumonkeys, who share Wignatz’ zest for throwing stuff at people they don’t like Wignatz is modeled after the Ignatz character from George Herriman’s strange, lyrical comic strip Krazy Kat. Puny and weak in combat, Wignatz must hurl his deadly brick from a safe distance and use his speed to dodge blows. He can craft devious items to distract, confuse, and hide from adversaries. Drawing inspiration from Krazy Kat, Wignatz is themed around the desert and the American Southwest. If he makes his home near a desert, Wignatz is rewarded by easy access to the ingredients he needs for his unique recipes, and new creatures and encounters. Events that only happen under special time and weather conditions reward him for venturing from the safety of his campfire. Hints No spoilers, just a few tidbits to point you in the right direction and tempt your curiosity: A fetish will show you the way to go. Wignatz has just one new crockpot recipe (hint: he’s a mouse, and the key ingredient is milk), but it’s very unusual. The results depend not only on the ingredients, but timing. And sometimes they’re valuable for other things besides eating. Pay attention to ambient sounds. If you hear something unfamiliar, it’s usually a sign that there’s something special going on. When you encounter something unfamiliar, examine it. Sometimes you’ll receive a clue. Play with items. See what happens when you use, drop, or ignite them, let perishables spoil, etc. Credits and acknowledgements I borrowed code from “auto catch” by seronis for Wignatz’s brick. Images for Wignatz and some items were adapted from old Krazy Kat strips (strips before 1923 are in the public domain). Audio samples were taken mostly from and used under various versions of the Creative Commons License, or by permission of the author. Particulars are in credits.txt.
  2. Hmm. I ended up doing exactly the two things you suggest. I was hoping there was a way to get spriter animations to convert properly because it would save a lot of time and result in a smoother fade.
  3. Can't spawn "deciduoustree"

    Solved. In code, to display the spawned birchnut tree, you write: local tree = SpawnPrefab("deciduoustree") tree.OnLoad(tree) In other words, you treat the newly spawned tree as if it were being restored from a save.
  4. Can't spawn "deciduoustree"

    Interesting - thanks! Your code works, but it shows the tree in its "normal" (medium sized) growth stage, with spring/summer foliage. If you want to display the tree in the correct state, it's harder. By experimenting, I figured out that when you spawn a birchnut with DebugSpawn or SpawnPrefab the tree is actually there, but it's invisible. After time has elapsed, it eventually shows up in the correct state. I just haven't figured out what the trigger is, and how trip it on command instead of waiting for an event.
  5. I tried SpawnPrefab("deciduoustree") in code and DebugSpawn("deciduoustree") in the console, and neither of them work. The same thing with "evergreen" works fine. Does anyone know how to spawn a birchnut tree? Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. I'm trying to create animations for some items fading in/out, using Spriter and the mod tools. I do this by adjusting the alpha in Spriter, making it change gradually over several frames. When I test the resulting animation in the game, it seems to be ignoring the alpha that I set in Spriter. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any solutions? I appreciate any suggestions you can offer.