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  1. I can't seem to find a DS bug tracker, so I'm reporting this here. There's no option to disable Ewecus without disabling hunts entirely.
  2. You've finally done it. You've solved griefing.
  3. This would make DS less enjoyable for me. Have you ever tried to make a megabase in DST outside of the oasis biome? A lot of your time has to be spent chopping trees that show up at random spots in your base. World regrowth is a huge annoyance. World regrowth is a mechanic meant to make public servers inhabitable for new players, even after hundreds of days have passed. In DS, you're the only player who will ever be in your world. It's your responsibility to make sure that you don't destroy all the forests in the world, and that you don't need planted carrots after the early game. This would also be an annoyance without many benefits, as there are multiple ways to renew rocks already in both in RoG and SW. All that meteor fields do is make a significant chunk of the map unsuitable for building.
  4. The Warbucks mourning thread.

    and nothing of value was lost
  5. Your Wormwood tips

    Hippopotamooses have herds, like Beefalo or Pogs. As long as you don't kill every hippo in a herd, they'll eventually respawn.
  6. Lamp post Placement issue

    Hamlet's city structures seem to snap to their own grid like this. It's frustrating, but you'll just have to build things with it in mind.
  7. [Game Update] - 308440

    If a mob dies while on fire (not taking damage from other burning entities, the mob itself has to be on fire,) then all of its drops will turn to ash. Unless the item has a cooked version, in which case it'll drop as that cooked version.
  8. Bring back Warbucks

    I don't think you know what the word "literally" means.
  9. Every other sound in the game plays correctly, but the Werewilba music (which I love btw) is very low and only in my left ear.
  10. [Game Update] - 307715

    I don't see a problem with it. I think it's a way of showing that Wormwood isn't speaking english, without just giving him gibberish like Wilbur.
  11. Long ago, a farmer was pulled into the constant. He clung to anything familiar, and desperately tried to live his life as normal. He continued growing crops and ranching animals, such as beefalo and gobblers. He always had a surplus of food, and life was good. Inevitably, being all alone in the constant began to put a toll on his mental health, and the farmer attempted to "domesticate" the pigmen for his farm. He massacred a village that previously trusted him and he raised their piglets as farm animals. But you can't keep intelligent creatures penned up forever. Once they had grown to be larger and stronger than the farmer, they busted out of the pen and ran for the hills. They never got to know their families, or where they really came from, but they were free to live their lives how they wanted. Years later, after the farmer had long perished, the abandoned pen became a place of worship for their tribe. Pigmen come with offerings of gold and food every year, to pay tribute to their ancestors that gave them freedom. ...I'm not too great at writing, but I feel like a bit of lore can add a lot to a simple build! I've had this world since October of 2017, and I've gotten so much of my playtime out of these seasonal events. I'm excited that Klei is shifting their focus back to permanent content that requires creating a new world, but I'll definitely miss having some of those event items around. Here's a screenshot which includes my HUD and messy inventory:
  12. Safe zone ?

    Brambles can only grow on natural turf, so you can just raid a city of its turf and put it down in your base.