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  1. Has anyone been able to get the magnificent adornments for Toadstool and Fuelweaver? I'd find it hard to believe if nobody has fought either boss during the event, but me and a friend just killed the Fuelweaver and didn't get his ornament. We've gotten almost all of the surface boss adornments, and we played the world through hallowed nights, so events should be working fine.
  2. No-eyed Deer don't have any eyes. Characters have unique quotes for attacking deer because of this, but they don't seem to apply to the gem deer.
  3. Screenshot showcase

    Oh damn, that's actually really good! Do you think you could make an account on this speedrunning forum and post this screenshot? It's just behind the world record, but this strat could totally change how people do stone egg%! I wouldn't be surprised if it's possible to get to the roc's island in the fast half of the day now that you put the bird whistle into the mix! If you don't want to make an account, would it be okay if I posted your screenshot? I'll credit you. I could even link your forums account if you want. Or maybe you have a patreon? I'm really passionate about this speedrunning category, and I get kind of heated sometimes. I apologize if I was rude earlier.
  4. Screenshot showcase

    It's not a straight line. If you look at the image, you'll notice that I pass by every other island between the first and the roc's. The islands will always spawn in a curved line, with each pig town pointing to the next, so I follow that pattern. Heck, if you look at the image you'll notice I don't even go the right way from the pugalisk's island, I had to turn and go a different direction when I felt like i might not be going the right way.
  5. Screenshot showcase

    It's 100% legit. I'm actually the world recorder holder for Stone Egg% speedruns. Warly's portable crockpot has a large hitbox and can be used to push yourself out of the map within seconds of spawning in.
  6. Screenshot showcase

    Meanwhile I nail it
  7. It's a bug. The way the code works here, from what I've been told, is that "workable" entities default to axe chop if no other tool is assigned to them. It's likely that whichever dev coded suspicious cracks thought that not assigning a tool to the cracks would mean you can't use any tool on them, so they didn't assign one. Gunpowder explosions count as most types of work (chop, mine, dig, hammer, hack, gold panning,) so that's why the cracks themselves are workable. Jason's here so hopefully I'm not completely wrong lol
  8. WX-78's quote for sleepytime stories is "POWERING DOown..." But because WX-78 always speaks in uppercase letters, the joke about WX-78 powering down is completely lost.
  9. Qol DST-to-DS Suggestions

    Using the Teleportato in SW will regenerate SW, the volcano, all 3 caves, and all 3 ruins, but not your RoG or Hamlet worlds.
  10. You can press the spacebar to pick up nearby items.
  11. klei stole my phreaking wallet and married my daughter
  12. two unrelated cities can in fact exist
  13. Red/Orange Mant

    This is the same animation that pigs, bunnymen, gobblers, mactusk, merms, wildbores, fishermerms, mants, and basically every other mob with the hunchback body type uses for waking up.
  14. I'm guessing spider monkeys started out as actual monkeys, then got replaced by the boarilla-boys we have now so as to not be too similar to Shipwrecked's monkeys.