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  1. you have a gun problem, mate. Just saying.

  2. Ghosts haunting and setting things on fire was stupid and unrealistic as hell. Wtf was that about, Klei? I mean, you could have made ghosts spawn with flamethrowers and all the community would be fine with ghosts setting things on fire using those flamethrowers. But "haunting"? Lol, nope.
  3. Nah nahh nahh, let him keep sucking at fighting. Change whatever else you feel like, but this loser shouldn't be able to fight ever again.
  4. That's a collateral effect of the mistake Klei made when they created this unbalanced mechanic. If they correct their wrongdoing by reducing the penalty or changing the way it works, what you are saying would stop happening.
  5. As you say, right now it is a priority. But no, it shouldn't be. 10 out of 9 (no, I don't have that backwards) times I revive somebody, it's only because of the penalty that clown is inflicting on my sanity. If the panlty for having that clown lingering there wasn't so harsh, I would be able to set up a little base and take him there so that he doesn't immediately die again. That says it all. If the penalty was reduced, I would still revive him, because, yes, 2 players are supposed to do better than 1. But the days off stopping dead in my tracks to revive a guy that forgot to make a torch would be over. And one dude shouldn't be able to ruin the -in your words- survival of the larger group.
  6. Yes, and they are wrong. Reviving a ghost should never be a priority until you are somewhat settled.
  7. Thing is, since health is the only stat that's not always varying all over the place, I think reducing max health would be the only approach that encourages reviving ghosts BUT without forcing the the other players to immediately drop whatever they are doing to revive a guy that dies over and over. A health cut is not a massive penalty, you can still play at 60% max health and you can still fight most mobs via kiting them. The way it is now, a couple dead players can screw up any session. And the way it would be if it reduced max sanity, would be the same, since sanity is affected by pretty much everything. I can live with 60% max health. With 60% max sanity, not so sure, since health is a lot more manageable than sanity. I don't know, 6x what it is now would be a start. I don't think that the game is meant to be played by dying over and over and over again and expecting people to immediately revive you. Ghosts should be willing to wait 20 minutes or more until people finish the most important tasks at hand and can go revive them. The wat it is now, you have 3 dead players 10 minutes into the game and those 3 ghosts screw up your sanity and your game at a ridiculously fast pace. Those 3 ghosts reducing your max health is a penalty that doesn't increase over time, so you can take your time to do the most important things and then you can go revive them, because even though it's not a huge penalty, it's a still a somewhat-harsh-one and nobody likes their health capped at a low percentage. Oh, and this is for Survival. Endless... lol... people should be able to respawn by kicking their real life dog or by eating a Dorito for all I care about this game mode.
  8. 1- The Telltale Heart gets more expensive to craft. Crafting it no longer hurts your HP. 2- Ghosts no longer drain your sanity. Instead, they reduce your max HP. One ghost takes away 20% of your max HP, two ghosts take away 25%, three ghosts take away 30%, four take away 35%, and five take away 40%. HP reduction caps at 40%, no matter if there are five or ten ghosts. I think this would be better in a lot of ways -I'll explain later, I need to leave in a bit-, but I want to hear what drawbacks you think this idea has.