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  1. who holds the record?

    My mum's playing Default Vanilla settings, day 2752 as I write this
  2. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    He's gonna walk out of this place with a lot of trinkets I love Jokul's design so muCH :""))))
  3. Sounds like it'd be pretty easy to become King / Queen of the monkeys. Thanks for the tips!
  4. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    I'd love the idea of a fight but also the idea that Wilson would be in denial that his baby brother has been brought into this awful place eSpEcially since his name doesn't begin with a W you know like 'it's a trap' I'm seriously loving this comic
  5. That post is the best thing I've ever seen on the internet I loved everything in that post the end of #14 I'm dyying Keep up the goodies :'))
  6. @Derp it's those pesky dimples innit :') Webber is so tiny I was totally gonna put Wolly in the picture but then I got a lil' carried away with the shadows and now Wolly probably doesn't fit in as well I'll have to draw another, less sombre one with Wolly in it Maxwell and Charlie :3 I always picture her with brown hair... It's black though, isn't it I was thinking there could be 2 ships, with Maxwell's crew being shadows ​because he's too much of a jerk to have real friends So that might be here soon :^D
  7. Now the true reason for this project is revealed: I just wanted to draw Webber in a cute lil' sailor outfit Except I guess the big skirts, puffy shirts and tough guys were a plus too Saved the best for last, only got 1 after this :'00 and then tHEN I'm not on holidays anymore so I'll have to learn to draw faster
  8. Almost finished all of the pirates now I have these ones and the next ones ready, I been a busy beaver So those will arrive tomorrow Had lots of fun with all of these so far :'D Also @Chris good idea You could say that Right now I'm drawing a longcoat his size
  9. Thanks so much for your kind words guys, it means a lot :') and now this I wanted to draw Abigail as one of those lost soul in the fog kind of ghosts since I think that fits the whole pirate thing Totally ready for sea-ghosts to be a thing
  10. @Derp I think I might just do that, after I've drawn all the designs up > but foR nOW HeCk that took some time but the colours look mega sw00t also it's way high res not actually that high res bUT I'm real proud of this Yes climbing the palmtrees would be a great way to fight the hounds until those torrential winds from the demo arrive
  11. I played DST with my friends with the Charlie and Maxwell mods enabled and I would definitely recommend it The potential for hilarity is staggering
  12. Been working on my colouring with a larger illustration but in the meantime I finished this today :^D More piratessss After my study's done I'll be starting on a backlog and maybe maybe a comic project too maybe It's good for pose practice yes
  13. Haha yes *digs up every chest* For a while now I wanted to draw everyone pirate outfits (Sea-sonas?) so here's the designs I came up with for Wilson and Willow Hope to have the rest done soon :'D
  14. I'M BACK FROM THE DEPTHS Yes My tablet was destroyed so I slunk away from the thread defeated BUT I'm back now and on holidays so probably there's more time to draw now! Plus shipwrecked was delayed so yes 100% confirmed Wilton is in and this is how you unlock him
  15. Sorry I stopped suddenly I was catching up on the stuff I was doing before the shipwrecked announcement came out Great to finally post something again ) I still have a huge list of ideas in my head and I can't draw them all fast enough Derpime you shall get your wish soon enough