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  1. I realise that I misunderstood what picking up an item would mean in terms of the game. Basically I'm looking for a method that is called whenever anything is added to the players inventory. That PickUp event isn't triggered on you for example harvesting grass and adding that to your inventory
  2. This is likely a rather simple question to ask: Is there a method that is called when a player picks up an item? I want to perform some logic on any items picked up by my character but I'm struggling to find such a method. I assumed there would be some OnPickup method in the inventory component but I've had no luck with finding anything.
  3. I have a mod character that can bring specific creatures to his side and make them his followers, though I've discovered that they stop being your followers when reloading the game. I was wondering if there is a simple way to fix this or not? Or if anyone has a good idea of how I could resolve this issue?
  4. Anyone want to help by making a sprite for my upcoming mod? 

    1. Mobbstar



      But can I?


  5. It's so hard to find a spriter to make the sprites for my mod :(

    1. Mobbstar


      Just download it from monkeybash's homepage.

    2. codelyoko373
    3. Mobbstar


      The makers of Spriter.

  6. The person that is playing my character on a dedicated server as the host crashes when they come into the view of another player. I'm not sure if this also effects a client though.
  7. I've been trying to figure out this problem for a while but due to *cough* lack of programming skill *cough* I've had issues. Basically i want my character to have night vision so I've basically took the night vision code from Woodie and put it on my character but added a bit so it fits what i want it to do. This is the night vision code (Not the entire script): local MONSTERVISION_COLOURCUBES ={ day = "images/colour_cubes/beaver_vision_cc.tex", dusk = "images/colour_cubes/beaver_vision_cc.tex", night = "images/colour_cubes/beaver_vision_cc.tex", full_moon = "images/colour_cubes/beaver_vision_cc.tex",}local function NightVision(inst)if not TheWorld.ismastersim then inst.components.playervision:ForceNightVision(true) inst.components.playervision:SetCustomCCTable(MONSTERVISION_COLOURCUBES)endendlocal function NightVision2(inst)if not TheWorld.ismastersim then inst.components.playervision:ForceNightVision(false) inst.components.playervision:SetCustomCCTable(nil) endendinst:WatchWorldState("startnight", NightVision)inst:WatchWorldState("startday", NightVision2)The code seems to work fine but according to a friend I've messed up the porting of my mod to DST as whenever my character comes into vision of another player on a dedicated server, it crashes with this error: "[00:05:09]: [string "scripts/components/playervision.lua"]:43: attempt to index field 'inventory' (a nil value)" I just don't know what to do sadly and i was wondering if someone could help me?
  8. I keep getting reports of errors on my mod which link to this line of code: t=MOD_COMPONENT_ACTIONS[modname][type] in the componentactions script and i just can't understand the problem. Someone linked me a picture of the error and it's the same error that happens for everyone if they see my character on screen on a dedicated server: Does anyone know what's wrong? as i can't figure it out and i feel like it should be a easy problem to fix
  9. I am making a character who i wish to have a basic attack that is ranged instead of the normal melee attack but the problem is... i have no idea where to start XD. Any help on just where to start?
  10. In the sample character file that you can download on this site. It gives you basically a character that you can mess around with. It also contains a file called exported that has files with each body part of the sprite. Because of that it's much easier to edit to make my own sprite. I'm currently making a mod that requires the pigman sprite and i want to edit it to add a couple of things to the pigman sprite. I was wondering if there is a way to export that pigman sprite into a exported file with all the body parts just like in the sample character mod?
  11. I am currently making a character mod where you play as a pigman but he looks different to a normal pigman. Since I think it would be quicker to just edit a pigman sprite... I'm wondering how would i do that? I basically want to take the ingame pigman sprite and edit it to my liking If anyone know then i would be very glade if you could share Thanks ^-^
  12. Well don't worry anymore XD. Someone else has done it so i'm sorry for well...wasting your time but thanks for accepting the test ^-^
  13. Really you can just do it in whatever way you want but make sure the shadow creature is smaller then nightmare and is to the side of nightmare. So not behind or in front of nightmare... to the side. And it can be in whatever direction you want them to face but to the right or foward i would prefer