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  1. Wigfrid is better overall because she always does increased damage no matter what her hunger is at, and the higher wolfgang's hunger is, the faster it depletes. Yea he does more damage, but I don't think it does 2x, or maybe his damage scales downwardly so fast it's always closer to 1.5x than 2x. All I'm saying is that even when mighty at around 275 hunger, I couldn't one shot a spider with a fresh hambat, which, if he has 2x damage, should be happening. Never killed a spider in 1 hit. She also has great damage reduction with her god helmet that lasts twice as long as a football helmet. Willow's craftable lighter sucks because the light aura is so small it is cumbersome to explore in the dark and you wouldn't want to run into a walrus camp, killer bees, spider queen/warriors, etc at night. It's only really good for keeping charlie away along with gathering stuff in a relatively safe area. There's no point in using this if you have a mining hat as that is much easier to maintain.
  2. Public servers. I only have a couple friends that play this game, and it's boring with just one or two other people.
  3. Yea, everything I mentioned was for DST, but some of the information I got from the wiki so it could be wrong. His stats start off as 150 in DST? Odd, the wiki said his stats were 100. If that's the case, Willow now takes his spot at the bottom, but I'd still say he's on wolfgang's level which is towards the bottom. The inability to eat gears really hurts him in DST due to their scarcity. Can't have the robot eating all the gears you need for ice box's and fling-o-matics.
  4. After l have clocked in over 200 ingame hours of don't starve, I can say for certain that they are, as of this moment, the best characters in the game. Wigfrid is (to me) considered the best due to her innately good ability to fight, she starts with a decent weapon and 80% damage-reducing helmet with double the durability of a football helmet. She regens sanity and health after killing things, and her meat-only diet is hardly an obstacle once you get a crockpot going (meatballs and meaty stews are incredibly easy to make, although with wigfrid's 120 hunger cap, meatballs are probably best since meaty stew restores 150). She also (according to the wiki anyways) has a passive 25% damage reduction. Point is, her weakness is a minor inconvenience at best and her spear and helm are craftable, with gold being the only expensive reagent, and once you find the pig king, it is no longer an expense. Wilson has no weaknesses and has very solid stats. Not only does this make him ok as it is, but his beard helps considerably to stay warm during winter and his beard hairs are shaved to make meaty touch stones. He is the only character in the game that can easily get beard hairs, as getting them from rabbits can be tidious and time consuming (unless you go out and capture like 20 rabbits then you might get enough hairs for one effigy while Wilson's full beard will yield enough for two). Having those meat effigys are an incredibly nice insurance policy and nice to have if a friend or yourself gets cheap shotted and want to revive, since the meat effigy doesn't give you a revival penalty. As for the most important bit about his beard: the LOOK! I mean, come on, if your beard reaches that kind of length, no monster is gonna be able to kill you. Hell, you might as well tack on a damage modifier on with that thing or give it a couple extra inventory slots so you can hide things in your beard. Maybe even a sanity aura. Joking aside, Wilson has no weaknesses and one considerable strength, making him arguably #2 character to pick, behind Wigfrid. As who comes next, well...there's a couple ok characters, but there's also some that are just not worth picking. Wolfgang, I feel, is too hard to use effectively for his damage modifier for how fast his hunger depletes. I attempted to survive through a winter with him and while it wasn't too difficult once I had a solid base set, he starves a little too quickly and if you don't get lucky and get a crockpot going near some easy food sources, you'll always be struggling to kill things because wimpy wolfgang's damage is halved, which is even less than Wendy! He has increased sanity loss from darkness and monsters, which also makes it a nuisance. I'm not saying he's useless, but his increased hunger loss is far too cumbersome to work around for the damage/health buff, especially when wolfgang has a hunger spasm with 3 spiders and a tallbird up his rear end ready to blast him in his face. Wickerbottom is not bad if used properly. Here's her biggest weakness, and it's a very glaring weakness: no sleep. Sleep is the easiest way to regain health and sanity, and she can't get it. Working around this little factor can be absurdly difficult if you don't have the proper materials/items to work around it. Her book also consumes quite a deal of sanity, so unless you are very knowledgable and well-prepared while playing as her, your sanity will probably be the death of you. Since it's not difficult to build a science machine, her knowledge factor isn't as strong as people think; it's just a convenience thing early game, which in the hands of an experienced player, means nothing. Spoiled food isn't that difficult to work around, so I don't see it as a very noticeable weakness, but it is worth noting. Besides, spoiled green mushrooms/cactus flesh don't restore sanity anyways so you shouldn't be letting it spoil in the first place. Overall, not a bad character since her stats are solid, but I definitely consider her weaker than Wilson and Wigfrid, especially considering her high skillcap. Wendy isn't a bad character, but her .75 damage modifier makes it impossible to get morsels with a boomerang, which is very annoying. Also, it makes it more difficult for her to kill things in general. Fortunately, with Abagail this is offset, but Abagail can sometimes get in the way and make it hard to trap rabbits, and she obviously can't kite. Her AoE attack makes it a wonderful thing to farm massive waves of spiders which helps in ways that can't be easily measured, but that's about it for Abagail's strength. She won't be of much use in a fight against single-target foes and she will eventually die. Respawnable, but takes time. She doesn't lose as much sanity during darkness or fighting monsters which is nice, but the damage modifier is enough to be very annoying. Even with Abagail, I won't put her on the same tier as Wilson and Wigfrid. As for Webber, well, his 100 sanity and constant threat to pigs makes it very difficult to play him well. Yea, he can eat monster meat with no penalties, but he can't draw spiders out during the day without punching the nest (which is a horrible idea). Being neutral is only a convenience factor; spiders are easily outran. Using them as minions can be really helpful when used properly, especially when starting the great spider wars. Food is not an issue with him since monster meat is absurdly easy to get. His beard isn't as good as people think; it's only really good for getting silk since the insulation factor sucks compared to Wilson's. Decent character, but his max sanity of 100 is far too big an inconvenience and that is what keeps him from standing up there with Wilson and Wigfrid, especially with the presence of ghosts on your server. WX-78's base stats are so low it's embarrassing. Starting off at 100 for all stats, he's the weakest character in the game, even worse than Willow (and that's saying a LOT) Rain is a considerable annoyance especially if low on hp early on due to lack of pig skin for an umbrella. Now here's his biggest issue: gears. Finding gears will always be too hard because everyone else will need them for things that are just as important: fridges and fling-o-matics, among other recipes. There aren't nearly enough gears to sustain both the players and WX-78 unless the desert biome is being picked nonstop in an attempt to get more, and at a drop rate of 1%, good luck with that. Definitely the worst character in the game. Even if you get your hands on a couple gears and buff your stats up to be at least on par with everyone else, these stats are lost upon death, not to mention you might not find another gear for a long time, and without a fling-o-matic, your time in summer will be a living hell. If there's more than one WX-78, gg. Willow is 2nd worst; I don't think anyone needs to hear the explanation why. Basically, Wigfrid is god tier with Wilson standing comfortably one step behind her with his beautiful manbeard. Everyone else except WX-78 and Willow are capable but not as easy or good, and WX-78 and Willow are in the shadows being haunted by images of Wes pointing and laughing. Any questions or thoughts reguarding my opinion of the character statuses of DST, please let me know. I would be interested in hearing what everyone else has to say.