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  1. well I don't know for sure but I've never seen any of the stater power generators for sale later in the game. so for now my guess is you're out of luck on that one. I'd just get another hacking or utility program.
  2. ping is great in in story mode and in the early days. the late game in endless it kind of falls off as do many of the programs. your agents with high skills and gear can deal with guards well enough. what they can't deal with is cameras. so you need a strong programm suite which allows you to break through high level firewalls fast and fairly energy efficient. with 4-10 PWR gain from portable servers and 6-10 PWR from consoles, every energy generator except seed becomes pretty much a waste of a programm slot imho. both parasites can be very PWR efficient but in late game you don't usually want to wait until they break through 5+ levels of firewall. you can't aford to wait three turns until you can enter a room. I finished day 10 now. the last few runs were against Sankaku but the only drones I encountered were camera drones. only the defferent Omni guards were present. I found that disappointing. maybe I just got unlucky with the spawns but I really think there should still be some drones around. Null drones would actually complement the Omni barrier guards very well. and the Obake drones would also still be decent at that point in the game.
  3. have you tried doing terminal runs to spwan server farms? with the lasted patch you should be able to get someone else. before you would always get the same agent again. read the update/edit to the latest patch notes. As far as I understand Xu's augment is just a melee EMP and EMP instantly disables a device/drone unless is has it has magnetic shielding. read the tooltip of the device. the magnetic shielding should be listed if present. if it is the EMP only reduces the firewall by 2. yes EMP disable doesn't trigger the daemon since it will be back after rebooting. EMP can be used on any device that needs to be looted but doesn't help you against devices which need to be used. so FTM scanning amps, vault displays, security dispatch lockers and funnily executive terminals are perfectly fine targets. the high firewalls need a good program suite and enough power generation. you're already trying to get more servers so keep looking. certain agents can help with PWR generation as well, especially central. also buster chips and the the prototype chip I mentioned earlier. max hacking on consoles generte a lot of PWR as well between one prototype chip, buster chips III and 2 EMP packs III I mainly need to hack cameras and drones. most of the rest can be done by my agents directly. as for daemons I run with hunter but only use it on the most annoyig ones (e.g. validate, blowfish ...). you can often time just trigger the daemon and deal with the concequences.
  4. @StayPuftMMM: why go so long without buying at least some programs to fill the last slots. you can always sell them for half price. I can give you some pointers. whats giving you the most trouble? if you have a hard time with deamons try getting hunter or taurus. having problems evading guards? ping, wisp or wings can help. I only just discovered wings. 1 PWR, 1 turn CD, gives 2 AP to all agents. so clutch. trouble getting through all those firewalls? get more hacking programs. I'd get at least one additional one. probably one of the daggers or hammer. wrench 3 or 4 can work with rapier (or any -1 program). tho I'm no fan of rapier in general. if something goes wrong early you have double the trouble. blowfish 2.0 and modulate 2.0 instantly put you to a 3 PWR cost. and it's your only instant hacking skill. sankaku runs must be a nightmare. lockpick v2.0 is good but doesn't combo well with the wrenches imho. not sure about datablast in late game. it's awesome in early sakaku runs since you take out the noise traps as well. but when the number deamons goes up I can see I become problematic. maybe AbeClancy can elaborate on this one. I don't think buying the power programs is worth it that far into the game. portable servers generate so much more and agents with 5 hacking can keep you afloat in case you have no save space to deploy them. I find AbeClancys idea to sell your starting power generator intriguing. might be a bit risky though especially on expert+ where you only start with 5 PWR. and seed is really strong. with the right programms your looking at effectively 4 PWR per turn. also, can you even buy on of the starting generator programs? I don't think I've seen them being sold.
  5. are you guys playing endless or endless+. because on endless around day seven was the time were things got easy again for me. at that point all the impotant skills were maxed, equipment was plenty and I pretty much had the hackin programms I wanted. only augments were somewhat lacking. partly becasue of my indesicion. started with central and and sharp. and found internationale and banks later. centrals augment doesn't help you much early game, but late game +5 pwr per deamon is awesome. in the early game her level 3 anarchy good as well. brought is to 5 on day 2 i think. that pays for itself fast. especially if you do K&O runs. I didn't find the right augments for sharp at first. but now he's sporting torgue injectors, predictive brawling and 3 penetration scanners. +4 amremor penetration (Neural Dis. II) with 5 turn knockout. hell yeah. internationale's base augment is as great as ever. I added cloak speed and cloak flash. knocking out 8 armor omni guards is fun. banks became my shooter. but I can count the times were I had to use lethal force on one hand. her augment is nice too. programs are: seed, hammer, wrench 4, brimstone and hunter. seed is weak early when you don't have expesinve skills, but late game it's by far the best. I took parasite in the beginning to make up for it. hammer and wrench4 are the main hacking skills. brimstone to get firewalls down to 4 (for the wrench) and for the deamon reversal. hunter because even with central and brimstone you don't want to trigger validate or blowfish. and I have to agree with Alex105. portable servers are impotant. I'm bringing two currently but thinking about adding another one. buster chips help as well.they make the main target for programs cameras, followed by bots. did anyone of you get the Prototype Chip that let's you take console power and hack firewalls for 1 PWR per level? helps a ton. @NightLexxe: at day 5 or 6 the teleporter room is locked. you have to get a keycard from one of the safes to unlock it. a vault key will do in a pinch but its somewhat of a waste. so at day 9 I'm swimming in money and every skill is maxed. I still have to decide on the 4th augment for internationale and banks. and central still only has her base augment. the only time it can get dicey is if the initial deamon is a Blowfish 2.0. I can deal with the rest fairly well. I've been avoiding Plastech like the plague though. those modded scare me. between the hacking and the deamon I'm thinking the lethal option might actually be the best. I think I'll try to weep SA and Africa once I reach day ten. I picked up Anatomy Analysis since my last visit.