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  1. This has been suggested before, but it'd be really really nice if, on the in-game server setup, we could save and load the current set of enabled mods as well as their configurations. Setting up mods takes up the bulk of my time when starting up a new non-dedicated server, especially for testing purposes.
  2. This is more or less my impression. But rather than spend a lot of time defending The Way Things Were™, I wanted to get a feel for why people liked the new system better so that maybe I'd see something I missed. @all: So far, the answers seem to fall under two broad categories: It makes a lot more food if you put time into studying/maintaining the mechanic. The mechanic itself is enjoyable enough to be worth spending more of your time interacting with it (relative to the old system) and less time interacting with the rest of DST's systems. Does that seem like a decent summary?
  3. Did players really have trouble getting enough food from vanilla (improved) farms? We just built six to eight of them and planted all the seeds we found. Took very little time, required no fiddling with nutrients or even watering, and no tools that would end up breaking and needing to be recrafted. We barely even used the bird--just to make sure we didn't run out of dragonfruit seeds. And nobody had to dedicate 50%+ of their time to maintaining the farm or figuring out growth combos--we continued to explore, shore up defenses, take out bosses, do some creative building, and so on. I'd figured that Klei redid farming because it was too good, not because it wasn't good enough. Now I really don't know what Klei's rationale was for that update.
  4. Came back to this game after a few years and found the new system to be a classic example of "more complex != better". It's needlessly overcomplicated compared to most other mechanics in the game. But . . . clearly I'm wrong! The farming update is extremely popular. Given that, can someone lay out why the new system is somehow more fun for the average player?
  5. Same boat here. Code is definitely in modworldgenmain.lua. Haven't yet verified whether the new room itself is created, as I've been busy on other projects, but the rest of the world is still being generated. And I have only a tiny handle on that area of the API, so it'll be a challenge to track down the problem.
  6. That is amazing. Seriously. Can't wait to try it out. Cheers!
  7. Greetings, I'm creating a buildable that searches the area for entities and does stuff with them (e.g., the Flingomatic). I've managed that successfully, but now I'm trying to fine-tune the radius. What's more, I'd like to visualize this radius when placing the object (again, similar to how the Flingomatic works). However, I'm not keen on crafting preview art a few dozen times until it matches up, then tweaking the radius for a few dozen runs until it matches the preview art. Is there a better workflow for this? What's the proportion between buildable image size and in-game distance? (I assume that there's no built-in way to generate radius visualization so that I don't have to make an asset for it....) In the meantime, I'm kludging the radius tweak itself by simply placing a whole bunch of entities around the object in question and seeing which ones get affected. Ugh. Open to ideas, and thanks in advance. /* blahpers */
  8. I'd like to second that question (specifically, details on how distributepercent and distributeprefabs are used internally) and add a help request. When I tried this tutorial, I ended up with a normal-looking world instead of the expected two islands connected by bridge. Any idea what I might have done wrong?