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  1. If you mean the .lua files, just Wordpad seemed to work for me for small edits. On that note, can anyone recommend a good viewer for the lua files?
  2. I was thinking that we somehow hook into the simulation system, and divert it into our own code whenever an event we're interested in pops up. Then, hopefully, we can just leverage the standard GUI popup that displays at the beginning of each level, and display whatever custom text we want.
  3. One of the trademarks of the spy is the witty one liner. So, we should try and mod every character's dialog to be a lot punnier, and maybe even display new dialogue when taking out guards and other events, if we can manage it. Imagine Xu saying "That was shocking" when his shock trap goes off, or Shalem saying "He got his just deserts" when shooting someone with his special rifle. Granted, my puns are not the best. But I believe that together, we can come up with better ones. Any ideas?