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  1. This is a really great mod and so far I'm absolutely loving it. But it does have it's fair share of bugs and problems and still needs a little bit of balancing. But looking around both here and on the steam group for this mod, the developers don't appear to have made any posts for nearly a year now (the latest I can find is back in December 2015). Tonnes of people are posting about their inability to even run the mod, with it crashing over and over again and it would be sad to see this mod abandoned. I found this mod as the featured mod in game. It would be good if someone from the mod dev team could give some word as to whether or not they are continuing development with the mod, or have temporarily or permanently abandoned it.
  2. Sorry guys, I've been on holidays and haven't had a chance to check this thread. Unfortunately I'm moving out of my house atm so won't have much time to try your suggestions until we are done, but I'll see if I can get some spare time late tonight or maybe early, early, tomorrow morning.
  3. I'm trying to get a second server setup on my linux VPC, but unfortunately it keeps spitting out this error: I've already changed the server port and it hasn't had an effect. I followed the steps in the wiki and passed in the command "-conf_dir <NewDirectoryName>" but I still get the same issue. This issue only goes away if I stop the other server :/. Log file is in attachment, any help would be greatly appreciated. log.txt