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  1. 10 hours ago, The Curator said:

    Wonder how long they plan on jerking the community around with these filler updates, before they actually do something.

    Or are they literally bidding their time before they sneak something important into one of these inconsequential fix updates.

    They are not robots.. They need to take breaks too you know !

    They have a life and all that stuff...

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  2. 1 hour ago, minespatch said:

    Glancing at Klaus again... I'm feeling a hidden depression within me. He's like a deerclops but his eye and mouth has been sown shut. Why would Maxwell or THEM torment it with such depravity? I guess... The chained up second mouth is basically a way to release it's needed appetite? :wilsondisappointed:(Don't mistake my emoticon, not disappointed, just feel sad for this boss).

    I think Klaus got chained up & got eyes & mouth sown because of something like pride because we clearly see him laugh when you fight him.

    I think he got punished by someone (but who?) because he looks pretty warlike and aggro anything near it's loot.

    Even when i examined him with Webber he saided something like he chained and make the deers suffer ')'


    But lmao that life amulet he had

    Oh and for those who say they dislike the gifts from the boss loot i guess the devs did right for the toadstool skin because lots of people (i saw a topic about it) don't wanna go caves / ruins so i think Klaus is a good way for get the boss loot from a place we dislike 

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  3. 18 hours ago, Zhuzha said:

    Ooh, the plot thickens!

    Maybe the shadows a starting to act on their own will? Or maybe Charlie's control over them was about as illusory as Maxwell's in the first place?

    For me it seems like Charlie is not a puppet for the shadows..

    It seems like she BECAME a shadow...

    I mean she just control the night & shadow monsters and can ******** power the nightmare throne in one slap unlike Maxwell who was just crying & pooping sitting in the throne.

    But if it's not Charlie who made it i guess Klaus & the krampus are :

    1. Independents from Charlie and can just roam between worlds (we see that Krampus just get away after they gather enough of you're stuff by jumping in the bag)

    2.They come from the true shadows ? 

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