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  1. I'm doing for DT only, and log says - no compatibility set may not work properly and no prefab found only.
  2. @Corrosive No matter what i do, game can't find prefab (tried spawning ingame) Did some changes you suggested, looked into game files but nothing :/
  3. Changed that but still no change ingame. Tried to use mod Too many items but katana wont show as spawnable item. And mod shows at list as crashed every time i open game (since my first try ingame).
  4. I tried to create a weapon mod (very powerful katana to be exact) but everytime i get "cant find the prefab" when trying to spawn item ingame. I followed read this tutorial, other about character/item and looked into other mod files but can't get into work. ( i can't put attachment yet) And hello, since it's my first post here.