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  1. Wunt, the extraterrestrial

    Did you activate the mod? When you open don't starve, you need to click the "mods" button and activate any mods you'd like to use.
  2. @Kzisor, It works, thanks a lot!
  3. @Kzisor, It works now, but when I craft the item ingame, I get this error What do I do?
  4. @Kzisor, Those are already in, what I'm literally getting is "[string "scripts/util.lua"]:396: Could not find an asset matching ayylmao in any of the search paths." in the log ("ayylmao" being the buildertag in my character.lua). Unless they're not in the correct format? This is how they are in the modmain assets
  5. @Kzisor, Thanks, that seems to have worked, but now it's telling me that it's not finding a matching asset for the buildertag in any of the search paths. I have this in my character.lua Is this not how I'm supposed to do it?
  6. This is what I have in modmain.lua Game's telling me that global RECIPETABS is a nil value. Why is that?Also am I supposed to put in "local recipes = { }" around the thing? Because when I do that it doesn't recognize the second "}" for whatever reason.
  7. Wunt, the extraterrestrial

    Right now it only works with reign of giants dlc, if you're playing regular it will crash. If that's the case, don't worry, I will make a regular don't starve version after I'm done making this.
  8. Version 4.2.0 (Dank edition)


    [iNCOMPLETE MOD] NOTE: CURRENTLY, THIS MOD IS ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH REIGN OF GIANTS. A REGULAR DON'T STARVE VERSION WILL BE CREATED AFTER THE MOD'S COMPLETION. Adds Wunt, the extraterrestrial, as a playable character. Wunt is an alien who, while frail in bodily aspects, makes up for it in his knowledge of alien creations. Wunt's most defining aspect is his ability to construct upgradable turrets that do his fighting for him, whereas other characters only have access to the houndius shootius. As with all aliens, Wunt can be incredibly dank at times, so anticipate the rare dank outburst of memery. Stats: Health: 100 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 420 Perks: *More brains than brawn: -Wunt has lower base health than most other characters (tied for 2nd lowest with 0-upgrade WX-78) -Wunt has a *0.75 damage modifier (this is the same as Wendy's) -Wunt has ridiculously high base sanity (the highest in the game, at 420) *Can create alien constructs: -Wunt has the ability to build structures unique to himself. These mostly consist of turrets with various effects and tiers up to 4. Effects include dealing damage, setting things on fire, freezing, summoning lightning, and so on based on turret. [uNFINISHED] (Currently, only a few turrets are implemented; they have no animations besides idle, and they use the houndius shootius projectile visual). [Effete Turret 1.0]: A fragile, low tier turret; nearly useless on its own, but can be upgraded into more effective versions. Crafted from 3 boards, 2 gears, and 4 gold. This turret has 75 health and fires projectiles that deal 15 damage once every 3 seconds. [Efulging Turret 2.0]: A more durable turret made from an Effete Turret 1.0, 2 marble, and 10 light bulbs. This turret has 175 health and fires projectiles that deal 25 damage once every 3 seconds. [Mindminer 2000]: A machine that extracts the brain fluids of rabbits, moleworms, and birds in a manner similar to drying racks, producing brain juice that restores 30 sanity, 10 hunger, and 3 health, after one day. These cost 2 gears, 2 cut stone, and 2 electrical doodads to build. *Equipped with alien weaponry: -Wunt starts with a Mindcutter V. 4.2 in his inventory. This is a ranged weapon that creates projectiles dealing damage equal to 25% of Wunt's current sanity. The Mindcutter does not have ammo, but is instead fueled by Wunt's sanity, draining him of 15 sanity per use. For balance reasons, the mindcutter has a slightly lower attackspeed than other weapons. (I may have gone a bit overboard with the nerfs, might increase its range or increase its attackspeed if it turns out to be too weak). To do: -Finish writing Wunt's speech lines. -Finish implementing all turrets. -Make actual animations. -Create big selectscreen portrait. -Update sound effects.
  9. Alright disregard all my stuff, fixed everything
  10. I still have no idea what I'm doing wrong, can anyone check my mod folder to see if I messed something up? Disregard the redundant files.
  11. Okay, apparently the cmd compiler thing automatically makes the .zip, copied the rest from the wand example. However, the item is still invisible when I equip it. Is copying the animation and build from the to my swap_myitem not the thing to do? Because otherwise my stuff matches the stuff in the wand mod replaced with my own. Copying the animation and build from to did work for the ground animation, but I'm assuming the swap animation is different.
  12. Actually let me elaborate. The myitem.lua says that the myitem build is in anim/ by default, but the guide never mentions anything about creating this .zip. I assumed I should just replace this to the path to the .scml (exported/myitem/ground_myitem/myitem.scml), and the game accepted that (i.e. it ran without crashing) but the item does not show up on the ground. Am I supposed to make a .zip? What am I supposed to put in this .zip? What am I doing wrong?
  13. Even though I made the .scml, and the game runs with the mod directed to the build, my item is still invisible on the ground. Why is this?