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  1. Game crashed when entering volcano (had been in there before, dry season almost over). Hate to lose this save, connected to RoG and didn't realize I was in Hamlet interiors beta still. Would love chance to copy that save before beta is gone. Crash same with mods off. log.txt
  2. These guys have been fantastic! The rates are really reasonable, but it is the support that is truly amazing. Server was set up super fast and every time I have had a problem it is solved within an hour or so (I don't think they sleep at all!). I run a pretty busy server and I've been happy with Citadel.
  3. Old thread, but bumping it back up! Is this still working? I gave it a try and the server rebooted just after the settile console command. No errors in log, just a reboot and the tile didn't change. Desperately trying to make a griefer island and can't figure it out! No errors in the consolecommands.lua.