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  1. Tomoka

    Version 1.1


    Mod for Don't Starve Together: An awesome schoolgirl Tomoka. Characteristics: health - 100 hunger - 125 sanity - 100 her base damage is 0.8 of Wilson's She can regenerate her 'sanity' by standing near fashinable boys. Also she lose sanity at the day time. (this mod not quite stable at the moment) Be aware, her voice right now just a bunch of random japanese words sorry if you are somehow offended by it Also thanks to people behind Watamote and to the person who painted chibi Tomoko for the big portrait cause i just traced over it
  2. Tomoka

    Can u add me in steam ? iam WANDER
  3. Tomoka

    Iam REALLY SORRY SORRY SORRY. unforgiving. Sorry i never check my mod on Klei, only in Steamworkshop Sorry for TOOOOOOO late reply. On start i was wondering about what sound shoud i choose for Tomoka but i didnt found anything cool, so there is coming voice of original character XD Ou and if ucan help me with it maybe i can do something ;D Cause u know: i bad at drawing , bad at sounds ,bad at codding,bad in English ;D
  4. Tomoka