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  1. Tomoka

    Can u add me in steam ? iam WANDER
  2. Tomoka

    Iam REALLY SORRY SORRY SORRY. unforgiving. Sorry i never check my mod on Klei, only in Steamworkshop Sorry for TOOOOOOO late reply. On start i was wondering about what sound shoud i choose for Tomoka but i didnt found anything cool, so there is coming voice of original character XD Ou and if ucan help me with it maybe i can do something ;D Cause u know: i bad at drawing , bad at sounds ,bad at codding,bad in English ;D
  3. Tomoka

  4. Tomoka

    Version 1.2.9


    Mod for Don't Starve Together: Whatever... Its doesnt mean anything, just kill me now. This mod add Tomoka as playable character (ITS NOT TOMOKO) (Mod still have a little amount of bugs) She ldont like day :3 She not very sporty ^^ Characteristics: HP-100 HG-125 SA-100