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  1. @Zeklo Looks like your theories about the "moon" may finally come to fruition
  2. My bet is on Maxwell, both for gameplay and lore reasons. Precedent also says Maxwell is always last to get his character powers updated.
  3. Agreed. Crafting multiple bernies is already quite expensive an investment due to the beard hair involved.
  4. Interesting Willow Strats?

    Alright, that's a much better number than the one I got in testing, before the hotfix. Glad to hear Willow has her excellent sanity control back.
  5. Interesting Willow Strats?

    I'm not sure if this was always the case, but certain mobs lit on fire are incapable of attacking. However, they will panic, making it hard to hit them. Willow can take advantage of this panicked state to land multiple successive hits without being counterattacked. Bosses (including treeguards) are immune to this, sadly. The "blasting off" tactic from single player DS is now executable, sort of. Rope is better than grass, since you'll need to use the flingo after all the dropped items catch fire. You also need a client mod to drop all the items in one place. I don't think it's very viable though and I have no idea how the lag affects other players. I'm very thankful that Klei gave willow some natural heat insulation, actually. It really lets her take advantage of fire immunity for extended periods, which would have been impossible if she overheated quickly.
  6. Remember that the piggyback cannot burn, or be soaked in rain. You can leave it on the ground to serve as a discount scaled chest. Four pig skin is a little expensive, though.
  7. Have you killed this boss?

    For some reason, I've never seen the no-eyed deer spawn. Also never sought out to collect skeleton pieces. not that I would fight klaus even if they did heheheh
  8. wilson - plague doctor winona - arbalest wicker - vestal (books!) maxwell - occultist woodie - abomination wes - jester
  9. I agree it ought to have a downside, and I was very much hyped when I saw the poster for diseases and first read a little about them. But what's illogical is how it's currently thwarted by just digging and replanting crops every 20 or so days. This doesn't make sense to me. If the plant could contract a disease while it was planted, then why does digging it up and placing it in the exact same spot make any difference? If replanting resources at all is the thing to be punished and avoided, then I might as well just live in the desert and farm tumbleweeds instead.
  10. On Set Pieces

    This might be the case today(?) but I distinctly remember them existing in past versions of DST. The absolute paranoia, agony, and finally morbid acceptance witnessed in the game chat when someone opens that odd ice box in the desert is a truly sight to behold.
  11. If disease actually served some game function, if it was combatable in some logical way like crafting pesticides (that would come perhaps with their own drawbacks), if it didn't mean just counting days and replanting crops which is just busywork and cannot be made faster or more efficient, then I would leave it on. I guess it serves to make Berries a little less useful, which is a needed nerf. But currently disease is just illogical. What really baffles me is that it doesn't affect plants that aren't loaded by a nearby player. I thought the whole point of disease was to add to the deterioration of uninhabited camps in larger servers? No?
  12. and add Warly as a playable character with special crock pots that cook faster
  13. Since the werebeaver has the same kind of hunchback look as pigs, I'd like to see some ported animations that already exist from those mobs, like: - pigman happy dance - bunnyman happy clap - angry face/growl - scared face (pigs around a fire at dusk) - hungry gesture
  14. 45 dedicated servers?? This guy might as well be mining bitcoin with that kind of power, holy smokes.