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  1. @JanH Alright, it's working again, thank you very much. I uploaded the morgue file below the picture. Thanks for everything!
  2. Hello there, I have this problem where everytime I launch DST it will crash at the start of the menu, and this has been happening recently after the last update. I've tried re-downloading the game a few times and verifying the intregrity of the game files, but nothings seems to work. The OS I'm running is Microsoft windows 10. morgue
  3. Don't you mean "A Series of [Starving] Events"? There's not really that many unfortunate events besides starvation
  4. Great, now we just need a don't starve meme for paranormal activity...
  5. THE CURSE OF CHARLIE STRIKES AGAIN! ...poor maxwell doesn't get a break with all those pleated shirt drops XD