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  1. This is a two part bug report. the first part covers the creation of steel upon the damaging of bunker doors by a rocket engine. The second part covers the deletion of the bunker door's heat after collision.I do no know if these are specific to the steam engine or not. When a landing rocket breaks through bunker doors, it results in the creation of steel, which falls from the broken doors. Fig. 1 displays my pre-landing steel supplies of 4050kg. Fig. 2 shows the steel dropped by the broken doors, and fig. 3 shows the broken doors in the process of being deconstructed and reconstructed. It is worth noting that, while these doors dropped steel, their mass did not change and deconstructing them awarded the full 500kg. Figf 4, which happens after the doors have been rebuilt, shows that my steel supply is 4925, meaning I gained an additional 875kg, roughly 146kg per each of the 6 doors. I did not have any steel production or deconstruction of other steel buildings occur at this time. Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 A second bug is caused by the damaging of the doors. Initialy, the doors were somewhere close to 300C (fig. 5). Some of the doors dropped to absolute zero upon being hit (fig. 6) only to immediately reheat soon after (fig, 7). Some of the hit doors then cool back down to absolute zero (fig. 8), giving me the "not 0K but pretty cool" achievement. I do not know what factor determines which doors heat or cool. The absolute zero doors, when deconstructed, drop their steel at 19.9C (fig. 9) Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8 Figure 9
  2. I've noticed the same thing and was going to make the same bug report, but instead I'll like yours so it's more easily seen by the devs
  3. When a dupe puts on a hat, a variety of sprites will appear across their faces. Breif testing has show me the following: 3rd level farming hat causes arms to appear 3rd level construction causes hair styles to appear Grilling causes both arms and possibly the sprite for gold or lead Supply 2 causes an unknown, difficult to see sprite sheet to appear.
  4. The key for the lighting overlay claims that "Duplicants cannot see in these areas" for the dark and "Duplicants have adequate lighting in these areas" for areas of light. Lighting has no effect on Duplicant ability as of current, and this could confuse new players into thinking lighting is vital. Should probably be changed or removed.
  5. I had a similar issue. Try reinstalling the game?
  6. Exactly as abud said. Tempshift plates work by allowing heat transfer between tile/gas/liquid, but not directly the buildings touching them. I believe that's intentional.
  7. Just noticed the same issue. My farm is listed as a greenhouse on the greenhouse under the rooms overlay, but my farm station claims it isn't in a green house.