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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Under construction
  2. Thanks One day I'll know enough of the game and Lua to do it myself, but I'm glad theres other people that do for now!
  3. Oh, and if you need it, heres the whole thing, whoops. Ryukiin_2.0.zip
  4. We fixed this, thanks guys! Next problem for ya guys: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/53902-halp-multiple-char-art-right-one-not-being-picked-at-join/
  5. Herro there, people of the Forums! So, my mate and I have been working on a character, and we ran into a few problems along the way, some we fixed ourselves, some we brought here for help. The character has three different sets of anim art, "normal", "insane", and "psycho".. we have it change (the art, speed, atk damage and scale) based on sanity (duh). I got that working myself, modifying what someone helped us with to switch between only two, before. Currently we have the character completely working save for one thing.. when you join a server, if you arent already above the first sanity threshold, aka "normal".. the art doesnt switch to the right set. It will be on the right scale and speed.. but the art's wrong. See what you guys can do! Heres the Lua! ryukiin.lua
  6. Has anyone tried to look into this/currently working on fixing this? Just was wondering! I havent made any progress at all. I'm not sure where to start with what's wrong.
  7. Got the original atlas-0 picture here. forgot to attach it to original post.
  8. Okay so I'm trying and trying to make it work but nothing I do is working and I've run out of ideas on how to fix this, thus leading me here! Coding -should- make it work fine how I want it. In order to get a bigger size view simply console c_setsanity(0.2) or whatever and he gets bigger. I believe all the meat for the art is done, but still a few minor changes might occur in the future. As it is now, when the files are loaded in, it cuts off the horns and the fins. I was hoping to fix that somehow to include all of it or another. So I first tried to resize all the different arts by 77% in photoshop, and disaster resulted. I'll post both atlas sheets from the original, and the 77% resized (atlas0-newer). I just want it to look nice and work good at this point visually. the art is there but it simply doesnt compile correctly or something. If anyone could tell me how to fix correctly (surfing through the forum yielded no clear results for my noob mind), or fix it themselves and post it back here, it would mean a million. Thanks a ton! Ryukiin_1.0.zip
  9. So my mate and I have been trying to recode a character for myself for a couple days now but its really confusing (at least for me) and we've come across an issue of lameness in the character. Is there anyone out there that could help us recode it so it works, or at least find the problem that we are currently facing with it? (also sorry if something weird pops up, he was coding it and left a few easter eggs for me to find out) A bit about what we want for the character: Ryukiin is a dragonshark, current art doesnt display that at all but it will be redone after the coding fix. Stats: Health: 200 Sanity: 200 Hunger: 300 Drain: Health doesnt change Sanity drains at low rate, similar to the character Wendy. Comfortable with the darkness as well. (I dont want to be affected by ghosts either, but coding and rawr). Hunger drains at a 0.3 ( I know its low ) when sanity above 155. Damage is 0.7 when sanity above 155. Perks: spawns with gold piece, dragon scales make him invulnerable to fire damage and heat damage. his stats change if he is driven into an insane state. *doesnt eat much when sane, *insanity drains hunger greatly Other: At 150 sanity and below Ryukiin goes "insane" and his form changes to a darker look (will art that later). In his insane form (below 150 sanity): Health doesnt change Sanity drains at the same rate as before. Hunger drains at a 1.5 rate. Damage is 3.0. He is 1.25 bigger than before, to simply show the fact he's insane, and the art for the character also changes. *Might change max sanity to 200 and the insane to happen at 100 but I'm not sure. simply for the fact the part of the character needs to be nerf'd a little bit. Would be great to have some help and another set of eyes, and better coding ability. Ryukiin_0.3.1.zip