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  1. Figured no sense in making a new thread. Playing on PC Steam version, still getting this bug after hotfix. No mods installed. First verified game integrity then just now completely reinstalled game to make sure I got the newest update. Using the pitchfork at all in a ROG world, (not linked to a shipwrecked world but compatibility set to yes.) makes the game crash to this screen I've included. Edit: Just adding that I created a fresh world post-hotfix and got an identical crash and the exact same error message using the pitchfork on many different types of turf...
  2. Things Don't Starve Players Say

    Added to: "Reasons to make a chest full of useful Summer/Winter things near touchstones." I still never do this...
  3. Things Don't Starve Players Say

    Penguins be mad 'Mo'Fos! Gotta get that birdcage yo! Even if you have almost spoiled eggs, you can feed them to the bird and get fresh ones back! Maybe you knew this just passing along something I found... EDIT: You gotta cook those eggs then feed them to your bird. Forgot about that. Something a Don't Starve vet might say: "Yes! Deerclops on first winter! Spring and Summer is gonna be easy peasy!"
  4. Things Don't Starve Players Say

    "That walrus looks nice enough!" My first death. Lesson learned.
  5. Beefalo

    I just made an account to say I love this picture! Oddly enough, I actually think this was drawn by a good artist. Someone might say this person can't "drawl" but if this person can't, they could with little practice. Notice the detail. The frustration above the beefalo's head. He has poop on his grass I would be too. And look at Wes, that voyeur... I always knew! That hare looks as retarded as every other one, also with a little poo on the homestead. Who is that in the background? Another looky-loo? Another beefalo as well, does his grass has poop on it? Maybe I've given this too much thought... Oh and hello Klei forums you have helped me much with my addiction, my crack, that is Don't Starve.