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  1. Version 1.1


    Caloric Countdown / Don't Starve Together Ported from Steam Workshop for people who don't have that version. This mod gradually increases the hunger drain rate over time. After playing Don't Starve Together for a while, I noticed that by far the most interesting part of the game was always the very beginning. A friend summed this up well by saying "the goal of the early game is to become self-sustaining, after which point the game becomes boring because survival gets easier and easier." The basic problem is that as you play through Don't Starve, you acquire more and more tools and loot and become stronger, but the game doesn't really get any harder. There are only 3 ways in which the difficulty of the game scales with time: - Hound attacks become more frequent and in larger numbers - Treeguards are more likely to appear - Vargs are more likely to appear Unfortunately, almost all of these are trivial if you play the game well. Hounds are easily dispatched by tooth traps or neutral creatures, Treeguards are easily kited or pacified, and the Varg can be avoided altogether by simply using the sewing kit to repair your puffy vest instead of killing more Koelafants. Essentially, if you can survive the first 40 days or so, it is very unlikely that you will ever die and surviving a long time is more a matter of patience than anything else. This mod aims to fix that by gradually increasing the rate at which your hunger drains, thus forcing you to eat more to stay alive. This ensures that the difficulty of the game keeps going up, as you must continually increase your food production or you will starve. This also means infinite survival is now impossible, which means that how long you can survive is actually tied to your skill at the game again. For the math nerds out there, the way that this works is that the function to calculate hunger drain is modified as follows: Hunger Drain = Hunger Multiplier * Character_Base_Hunger * (1 + Days_Elapsed / Days_to_Double) The last bracket is added by this mod. Days_to_Double is a configurable parameter that controls how fast the hunger drain rate increases. If it is set to 20, for example, by day 21 you now need to eat twice as much as you did on day 1. It keeps going up, so by day 41 you'd now need to eat 3 times as much, and so on. The default for this parameter is 40, which should be enough not to drastically change the early parts of the game, but it will become noticeable towards the end of winter. In Version 1.1, a new option is added. You can now set the Hunger Growth Rate to Logrhythmic, which causes it to take 1.5 times longer to double each time. So if the base rate was 40, the first time would take 40 days, the next would be 60 days, then 90 days, and so on. This should make long-term survival slightly easier. Incidentally, this mod has good synergy with my Recipe Rebalancer mod, which aims to weaken easy strategies of staying well-fed indefinitely.
  2. Version 2.1


    Recipe Rebalancer / Don't Starve Together Ported here from Steam Workshop for people who don't own that version. Rebalances Crock Pot Food values to more accurately reflect the difficulty in preparing them. After playing Don't Starve Together for a while, one thing that started to bug me was that despite the title, starvation is almost never a serious threat in this game. The issue mainly stems from three overpowered recipes: Meatballs, Fishsticks, and Bacon and Eggs, all of which are made with easily available ingredients, recover vastly more than the sum of their component parts, and render pretty much all other recipes unnecessary. This mod overhauls the food values of all recipes so that these recipes are no longer overpowered, and as an added bonus it slightly tweaks the values of the other recipes so that every recipe has some kind of use. Of course, since this mod tones down some overpowered items, playing with this mod makes the game quite a bit harder. A full list of the changed food values can be found in the mod's root directory in the file called "New Food Table.txt", but here's some of the highlights. - Meatballs now only recover 37.5 hunger, the same as most other cooked foods, which is a little over half what it used to be. This is by far the most significant change as it means that staying well fed in the early game now takes a lot more effort. This also means that Kabobs are a viable alternative now, as they recover the same amount and can use a twig as filler, though they cook slower. Note that Kabobs no longer provide a heat bonus (as they did in base RoG), or they would be too strong. Meatballs do however have a unique advantage of allowing you to use up to 2 Ice as filler, whereas most other recipes don't allow Ice unless they specifically call for it. - Fishsticks now only recovers 20 health. It's still good, but no longer outclasses all other healing recipes. Note that Fish Tacos have been buffed, and now recover more hunger than Fishsticks, so that option may be preferable if the healing from fishsticks is not needed. - Bacon and Eggs now heals only 3 hp. It's still very filling, but if you want healing you'll need to make Pierogis now, which heal a lot but aren't nearly as filling. They make quite a good combo when used together, though. - All "dessert" type foods now recover more sanity than they used to. Everything that involves honey is considered a dessert, as are the Butter Muffin and Fruit Medley. - Fruit Medley is one of the most worthless recipes in the base game, it will almost always recover vastly less than the sum of its components. It now recovers 40 health instead of 20 and also recovers 15 sanity. This is a great use for those durians since Fruit Medley allows twigs. - Honey Nuggets were another bad recipe that you only ever made by accident. Now they've been slightly buffed in that they can accept 1 twig as filler, basically making them a slightly better Kabobs if you have honey available but not enough meat for Honey Ham. - Spicy Chili is quite different here than in the base game. It's a great recipe for both hp and hunger and is cheap to make, but it's so insanely hot that your sanity takes a hit. It also now only requires 1.0 veggies (so 2 mushrooms will suffice), but can't accept twigs as filler. - Trail Mix is kind of a mediocre food item, but it now has the unique advantage of staying fresh for an extremely long time. - In case you were thinking that you'd just forego the crock pot altogether and survive off foraging, berries, carrots, catcus flesh, and seeds now also recover less hunger than they used to. Berries in particular are now nearly worthless apart from as filler ingredients. You're going to want to get that crock pot up and running ASAP. - Ditto for hunting. Koalefants and Beefalo now drop less meat than before, largely to prevent Meaty Stew from dominating all other recipes. Incidentally, Meaty Stew now only heals 100 hunger instead of 150, but it's still the heartiest recipe (except for the super-rare Waffles and Mandrake Soup). For the truly brave / masochistic, there's now a configuration option that lowers all hunger values by one tier, so 50 becomes 37.5, 37.5 becomes 25, and so on. Not for the faint of stomach.
  3. Version 1.4


    Infinite Pumpkin Lantern / Don't Starve Together Someone asked me to upload this mod to the Klei Forums, so here it is. This mod changes the function of the Pumpkin Lantern to be a stationary, but infinite light source. You can no longer pick it up and move it after you set it down, but it never goes bad. It can also no longer be destroyed by attacks, you now need to use a hammer to break it (this is to prevent it from being destroyed by hounds and other such annoyances). As before, it still has a tiny light radius (by default), doesn't provide heat, and you can't use it to cook food, so it's not really a replacement for a campfire. It's mainly just there for emergencies or waypoints. Note that the lantern also now requires 2 fireflies to create instead of just 1. You can destroy it to get 1 of the fireflies back, but you'll need one more to create another one (this is to prevent you from just smashing it every time you wanted to move it). There's also a configuration setting where you can set how much light it generates. The "lots" setting is kind of absurd and I wouldn't really recommend it, but if you want to break the game there you go.